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By Rick Santorum

(CNN) If President Trump wants to go big league, he needs to make an immediate impact with a bold agenda in the first 100 days. From Supreme Court nominations to immigration and trade promises, Mr. Trump needs to make his priorities stick.

First, he must immediately nominate his candidate to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Trump’s presidency has the chance to save the Constitution from obliteration by a runaway Supreme Court, and there could be no greater accomplishment. His Supreme Court nominations likely will define his presidency.

There are critical cases before the Court in late April that, without a replacement being seated, will further erode of our liberty. Speed is of the essence because the press is already beginning to report which candidates he is meeting with. If he wants his selection to get a fair hearing, the selection needs to be made in January, before Trump opponents can unfairly target the nominee for defeat. 

Beyond his long-term legacy on the Court, President Trump needs to immediately address the healthcare crisis that has been caused by Obamacare. Our nation’s health insurance marketplace is collapsing upon itself; dramatically driving up premiums and out-of-pocket costs for hard-working Americans. Congress has already set in motion the repeal of Obamacare, but it will be up to President Trump to lead the replacement process. Consumers will need confidence that their care will be there if necessary. Obamacare was an unmitigated disaster, and it is up to President Trump and the Republican Congress to replace it with a patient-based plan that puts the power of the most important decisions any of us will make back into our hands.

And as President Trump moves forward with his initial agenda, it will be essential that he uphold his promise to the American worker. Voters from Pennsylvania to Michigan and Wisconsin bucked decade-long voting patterns to give his “made in America” platform a chance. Now he needs to deliver for those voters.

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