Energy Security

We undermine national security and economic independence when we depend on rogue nations for our energy supply.



Vladimir Putin has opened an economic front in his war against Ukraine — intentionally cutting oil and gas supplies to European countries.

Rough days await Europe given the stresses and popping rivets of its energy system. Households have been warned to expect bills 10 times as high as last winter’s. Factories may be called on to cease operations to keep the lights on and furnaces cranking out warmth for residential consumers.

Until recently, ESG investors avoided the mining industry. Fairly or not, to many it had a reputation for environmental degradation, child labor, political corruption and neo-colonialism.

Some GOP States Push Back Against ESG Investing Trend

Republicans are stepping up their efforts to prevent investors from considering environmental and other factors in their decisions. They are running up against the trillions of dollars in investments committed to funds addressing such concerns.

Santorum: US Energy Independence No Pipedream, It’s a Must

The prospect of six dollars per gallon gasoline would have sounded preposterous a few short months ago, but that was the warning just last week from leading analysts with JP Morgan.

State AGs seek answers from BlackRock, and a new firm offers alternative investments funds. Strive’s first fund raised more than $100 million in a week.

Fund managers have a legal and social duty to focus on financial returns for their clients’ retirement accounts, not climate or other issues.

How Woke Capital Politicized Your Retirement Account

BlackRock and other giant firms use your money to advance ESG ideas you may not agree with, even if you own index funds. Vivek Ramaswamy has brought an alternative to the market.

Financial institutions may have hoped for political credit from the climate left by blacklisting fossil fuels, but their boycotts haven’t been without cost for states and society. Now West Virginia is leading a movement by fossil-fuel states to return the disfavor.

Nuclear Power Could Heat Your Home

The rising cost of energy makes winter expensive. The price of heating oil in New England rose from $3 a gallon to $5 last winter, with $6 possible this year in some areas as the war in Ukraine disrupts energy markets. Natural-gas prices may more than double heating costs this winter. Nuclear power offers a solution.

The Canary in the Pebble Mine

Politicians are demanding that the U.S. become more self-sufficient in crucial metals and minerals, but then they block domestic mining at every opportunity. Alaska’s Pebble Mine project is the latest to join the casualty list.