Rick Santorum on "Tucker Carlson Today"

Tucker_Rick.jpgIn case you missed it, Senator Santorum was recently interviewed on “Tucker Carlson Today.” Tucker Carlson credited the Senator with being one of the “intellectual architects” behind the realignment in 2016, with Donald Trump’s stunning victory, as he stood up for the working families. Defending America’s working families has long been one of Senator Santorum’s passions, and we carry that work on at Patriot Voices by championing policies that help families with young children and fiscal policies that protect America's working families. 

During the show, Senator Santorum also shared about the impact of losing their son Gabriel, and how the journal Karen kept during her pregnancy would become "Letters to Gabriel: The True Story of Gabriel Michael." FOX News released this touching clip of this conversation you can watch here

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Nadine Maenza receives Award from In Defense of Christians


Congratulations to Patriot Voices President Nadine Maenza for receiving the  Cedars of God Award by In Defense of Christians during their Annual Solidarity Dinner this past week. The award read:

"With extreme gratitude for your focus on religious freedom and its vital role in combating Christian persecution around the world. We thank you for all that you have done for the protection and preservation of Christians and Christianity in the Middle East."

You can watch her keynote address here where she explains the disconnect between what the Washington, D.C. policy and think tank world think is happening in country and what is actually happening on the ground. She used Afghanistan and Iraq as recent examples. She commended In Defense of Christians for being an important bridge between these two worlds. You can learn more about their important work advocating for Christians and other religious minorities here. 

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Communism’s Legacy in the Era of Woke Education

Our executive director, Shonda Werry, co-authored an article last week on the dangers of failing to teach America’s young people about the evils of communism. Critical race theory in our schools is a growing threat – but this Marxist takeover of our education system is only possible because we have abandoned teaching about how harmful the Marxist ideology is. 

"The United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan raises new questions about what we gained from our twenty-year war there. In this “woke” era, our education system has turned away from teaching the evils of Marxism, leaving our children unable to understand the dangers of radical ideologies in all forms.

At a time when parents are, understandably, outraged by the ideological hijacking of teachers’ unions and curriculum by philosophies rooted not only in Marxism itself, but also in pedagogies that could have been taken from a Soviet-era playbook for undermining American society, it may seem a curious time to advocate for more Karl Marx in the classroom.

The truth is, though, that this indoctrination has been able to gain a foothold in our education system precisely because of our failure to teach the devastating consequences of implementing Marxism."

Read the rest of the article on Townhall here.

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Great Patriot Voices Capitol Hill Day 2021!


Our annual Patriot Voices Day was a huge success with an in-person audience on Capitol Hill as well as those attending digitally via Zoom. While it was officially off-the-record, we always knew bloggers would probably be listening but wanted to create a space where we could have a conversation about important issues.

We had a great line-up of speakers! Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona spoke about the lockdowns and war powers. Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana spoke about the opportunities ahead for us as conservatives. Congressman Byron Donalds from Florida gave a powerful speech about critical race theory. We also heard from other members who spoke about the crisis at the southern border.

With all the challenges our nation is currently facing, our voices are needed now, more than ever. We are the voice for the unborn babies, for the victims of religious persecution, and for working families.

I made the important case that the U.S. Senate was created to slow down legislation in order to build consensus. Yes, that is a good thing! It gives “the people” the time to read legislation, understand the consequences, and come together to make wise decisions about what is really the best way forward for our country. The filibuster is important because it gives us that important space and requires broad support to invest power to or divest power from the federal government.

We also are proud to have mentioned several Democratic Senators because we still believe that we should work together from time-to-time. Our country is worth the bipartisan effort. In fact, it may be the only way forward for our country past the ugly dialogue we are seeing on social media. 

Thank you to those that attended and support Patriot Voices' important work! Let’s continue to work towards policies that support families, life, and freedom!

Rick Santorum

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Remembering Foster Friess


America lost a great patriot, Foster Friess, on May 27, 2021. He was one of Patriot Voices' first supporters who shared our mission to support working families and approach political disagreements in a civil way. In the past, we had supported some of his projects with Foster's Outriders, including his "coffee challenge" encouraging us to invite someone with whom we disagreed to have coffee. One of his favorite projects was to surprise struggling families that had a child or family member with a disability with a vacation, often to Disney World. His generosity and kindness brought a real joy to those around him, and certainly made the world a better place. Senator Rick Santorum had the opportunity to give the eulogy at his funeral that you can watch here. Rest in peace, dear friend, we are glad to have the hope we will be together again. 

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