Mike Pence Comes Through for America

We were right to be confident in him as we doubted Trump.

Wall Street Journal op-ed by Rick Santorum 

Twenty sixteen seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s been fewer than five years since conservatives like me were struggling to accept Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president. Mr. Trump was a thrice-married New York casino magnate, who had given thousands of dollars to liberal politicians including Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris. Now he was poised to lead the Party of Reagan?

I had my own personal confrontations with Mr. Trump. In 2011 he called me a “loser.” I immediately phoned to remind the not-always successful developer that not winning at everything doesn’t make you a loser—that learning from your defeats makes you a winner. He told me I was “too conservative” and “too pro-life.” A few months later he endorsed Mitt Romney.

So when he was about to secure the 2016 nomination, conservatives like me needed reassurance that he would follow through on the campaign promises he was making. Much of that reassurance came in the form of Mike Pence.

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Western Conservative Summit 2020

Watch a conversation about why conservatives are supporting Paid Family Leave with Rick Santorum, Nadine Maenza, and Adrienne Schweer from this year's summit.


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The Untold Story of Syrian Kurdish Christians

Providence Magazine

by Nadine Maenza and Lord David Alton

“We feel forgotten and abandoned sometimes. The world does not know much about the challenges and difficulties that face us. All countries in the region do not recognize conversion from Islam. This makes life very difficult for us, especially in terms of marriages, funerals, and obtaining birth and death certificates, because we are still considered Muslims by law.”

These were the words of Pastor Nihad Hassan, who leads one of three Kurdish churches in Beirut, Lebanon, whose members are mainly Syrian Kurds who fled the war in their home country. Pastor Nihad estimates the number of Kurdish Christians living in Lebanon at over 5,000. “Fifty families have emigrated to the West recently, and we used to have a flourishing church and over 250 families in Afrin [in northern Syria] before the Turkish invasion.”

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Paid family leave, after the birth or adoption of a new baby, fits our priorities and values. This kit explains the details and why it is a winning issue from both a policy perspective and with public opinion. Download and share this document with your Member of Congress or candidates. 



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