About Patriot Voices

“Seems like every special interest group has someone in Washington, DC fighting for their cause – except for working families in America. Karen and I started Patriot Voices to be that voice.” – Senator Rick Santorum

With over 100,000 activists, we at Patriot Voices believe in America’s future! 

We are moms, dads, nurses, teachers, firefighters, business owners, students, truck drivers, veterans and grandparents. We’re from every walk of life. 

We’re concerned about the direction our country is headed. We want government to be smaller and less intrusive. 

We support policies that give the American worker a fighting chance and we know that strong families produce a strong economy. 

We believe in entrepreneurship and the opportunity. We encourage personal responsibility. 

We know that the right to life begins at conception and we must be a voice for those who cannot fight for themselves. 

Americans have always met the challenges thrown at us and we can meet them again. 

We are many voices joined together. We are Patriot Voices!