Our annual Patriot Voices Day was a huge success with an in-person audience on Capitol Hill as well as those attending digitally via Zoom. While it was officially off-the-record, we always knew bloggers would probably be listening but wanted to create a space where we could have a conversation about important issues.

We had a great line-up of speakers! Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona spoke about the lockdowns and war powers. Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana spoke about the opportunities ahead for us as conservatives. Congressman Byron Donalds from Florida gave a powerful speech about critical race theory. We also heard from other members who spoke about the crisis at the southern border.

With all the challenges our nation is currently facing, our voices are needed now, more than ever. We are the voice for the unborn babies, for the victims of religious persecution, and for working families.

I made the important case that the U.S. Senate was created to slow down legislation in order to build consensus. Yes, that is a good thing! It gives “the people” the time to read legislation, understand the consequences, and come together to make wise decisions about what is really the best way forward for our country. The filibuster is important because it gives us that important space and requires broad support to invest power to or divest power from the federal government.

We also are proud to have mentioned several Democratic Senators because we still believe that we should work together from time-to-time. Our country is worth the bipartisan effort. In fact, it may be the only way forward for our country past the ugly dialogue we are seeing on social media. 

Thank you to those that attended and support Patriot Voices’ important work! Let’s continue to work towards policies that support families, life, and freedom!

Rick Santorum