Our executive director, Shonda Werry, co-authored an article last week on the dangers of failing to teach America’s young people about the evils of communism. Critical race theory in our schools is a growing threat – but this Marxist takeover of our education system is only possible because we have abandoned teaching about how harmful the Marxist ideology is. 

“The United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan raises new questions about what we gained from our twenty-year war there. In this “woke” era, our education system has turned away from teaching the evils of Marxism, leaving our children unable to understand the dangers of radical ideologies in all forms.

At a time when parents are, understandably, outraged by the ideological hijacking of teachers’ unions and curriculum by philosophies rooted not only in Marxism itself, but also in pedagogies that could have been taken from a Soviet-era playbook for undermining American society, it may seem a curious time to advocate for more Karl Marx in the classroom.

The truth is, though, that this indoctrination has been able to gain a foothold in our education system precisely because of our failure to teach the devastating consequences of implementing Marxism.”

Read the rest of the article on Townhall here.