The Health Care Choices Proposal

Average premiums for individual health insurance rose 105% in the first four years after Obamacare took effect — from $232 to $476 a month on average — and, not surprisingly, the number of people with individual policies continues to fall. Fewer people had individual policies in December 2017 than in December 2014 — the first year in which Obamacare took full effect. And the number of small firms offering health benefits to their workers dropped by 24% between 2012 and 2016.Obamacare is a key driver of these problems because it forces people to pay more for policies that restrict, rather than expand, their access to care. Networks are narrower, deductibles and copays can be prohibitively expensive, and access to doctors and hospitals is limited. Half of those buying coverage in the Obamacare exchanges have a “choice” of only one insurer. Still, government spending is soaring.
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Patriot Voices Executive Director Nadine Maenza appointed to US Commission of International Religious Freedom

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Contact: [email protected]
(804) 257-7961

(Richmond, VA) - President Trump has appointed Hardwired board member, Nadine Maenza, to serve a two-year term on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.  The USCIRF is an agency established by Congress to provide policy recommendations on how to respond to violations of religious freedom in countries where this freedom is at risk.  

Hardwired President, Tina Ramirez, issued the following statement about the appointment:  "It is very encouraging that President Trump has nominated Nadine to this position.  She has been a passionate advocate for oppressed communities of every faith as long as I've known her and will bring a much-needed voice to the Commission."  

Ramirez continued, "Nadine's ability to strategically move policies forward will be critical as the Commission advances religious freedom in many challenging areas of the world, such as India, Nigeria and Iraq where religious freedom has often been neglected by past Administrations."  

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Share your Obamacare Stories!

We know that Obamacare has taken its toll on families around the country. How has it impacted you and your family?

Please share your story with us at: [email protected]. Together, we can show those in Congress that inaction is NOT an option!

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Watch Rick Santorum & Jenny Beth Martin discuss Health Care Reform


Patriot Voices Chairman Senator Rick Santorum recently joined Jenny Beth Martin at a Tea Party Patriots Facebook Live event to talk about the new health care reform effort put together by Members of Congress, U.S. Senators, conservative groups, and health care policy experts. Congress promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and we are demanding that they keep their word!

Watch to learn more!

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Rick Santorum: Majority of school shooters ‘did not have dads in the home’

- The Washington Times - Monday, February 26, 2018

Former Sen. Rick Santorum pointed the finger at broken homes and fatherless young males as a major contributor to mass shootings when asked to weigh in on the gun-control debate on CNN.

“Gun control is a debate that we need to have,” Mr. Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican and CNN political commentator who boasts an A+ rating with the National Rifle Association, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. The former senator reiterated his call to focus on the family during an appearance Monday on CNN’s “New Day.”


“But another debate we need to have is something that’s also common in these shootings, the fact that these kids come from broken homes without dads. That is not something we’re talking about, and that is the commonality,” he said. “We want to talk about things we can work together on? How about working together to try to see what we can do to get more dads involved in the lives of their kids.”

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