Petitions & Advocacy

Make sure your voice is heard by signing and sharing this advocacy with your family, friends and neighbors! Together, we can make a difference! Support the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Plan



       Support Health Care Reform

Tell President Trump and Congress that you support block granting money and control to the states! Send email here





Defend the Second Amendment  

The Second Amendment was drafted to protect our First Amendment rights. Take the pledge to stand with Patriot Voices and conservative patriots nationwide in support of the Second Amendment and against efforts to implement "universal background checks. Sign Petition here 





Stop Common Core 

Our country’s education system is not working. Common Core advocates decided the answer was more government control and intervention. More government control and intervention will not help our children gain a better education. Join our fight to stop Common Core. Send Petition here




End Late-Term Abortion

It has been proven that children at 20 weeks feel pain during abortion, yet the inhumane     practice of late-term abortion continues. Please ask the House of Representatives and Senate to pass the Pain-Capable Child Protection Act that bans abortion after 20 weeks. This passed the House in 2017 but died in the Senate. Let's stop this horrific procedure by getting it passed in the House and Senate as we have been assured that President Trump will sign it into law! Send email to your Member of Congress and Senators here.

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