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President Trump will succeed if he keeps promises

By Rick Santorum

(CNN) If President Trump wants to go big league, he needs to make an immediate impact with a bold agenda in the first 100 days. From Supreme Court nominations to immigration and trade promises, Mr. Trump needs to make his priorities stick.

First, he must immediately nominate his candidate to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Trump's presidency has the chance to save the Constitution from obliteration by a runaway Supreme Court, and there could be no greater accomplishment. His Supreme Court nominations likely will define his presidency.

There are critical cases before the Court in late April that, without a replacement being seated, will further erode of our liberty. Speed is of the essence because the press is already beginning to report which candidates he is meeting with. If he wants his selection to get a fair hearing, the selection needs to be made in January, before Trump opponents can unfairly target the nominee for defeat.


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Phila Inquire: Santorum - Trump must now deliver for working families

A political earthquake shook the nation and the world Tuesday when Donald Trump shocked all the prognosticators and won the presidency.

Those same pundits are digging through the wreckage of their predictions to try to figure out why Trump was able to prove them wrong, but to me, the answer was on full display over two years ago during a chance meeting I had with Trump at his New York office.

In the summer of 2014, Trump reached out to me to stop by his office the next time I was in Manhattan. Later that summer, I dropped by Trump Towers with my daughter Sarah Maria. When we walked into his office, he was sitting behind his desk holding a copy of my book Blue Collar Conservatives that I had published that spring.

The first thing he said: "I read your book."

To which I laughed and said, "The hell you read my book."

Trump shot back, "I did, it was great!"

So I did the obvious thing, I quizzed him on the message in my book - that the great middle of America was hollowing out as a result of big-government policies that were helping the elites but leaving blue-collar families behind. And to my great surprise, Trump passed my test with flying colors.

We discussed the problems facing Middle America - specifically the implications of unfettered globalization on American manufacturing and its effect on wages for blue-collar families.

The billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump not only got it, he was as upset as I was that these families were being left behind. He said he might run for president and, if he did, he wanted to take that message to the American voter - and did he ever.


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Our Endorsed U.S. Senate Candidates

Florida Senate Race
Endorsed Candidate: Sen. Marco Rubio

The hotly contested race for United States Senate pits incumbent Senator Marco Rubio versus Congressman Patrick Murphy.  Rubio has been one of the most consistent conservative votes for life, fiscal responsibility, and for our defense against radical Islam. Murphy, on the other-hand, is an inexperienced congressman who is best known for having inflated his thin resume prior to his election to Congress. But because Florida is one of the tightest battleground states, this race will go down to the wire and Senator Rubio will need all of our support to win a much-deserved second term. The recent Florida Chamber of Commerce poll has Rubio up 46% to 42%. 

Indiana Senate Race:
Endorsed Candidate: Rep. Todd Young

The race to succeed retiring Senator Dan Coats looked like it would be a given until former Senator Evan Bayh entered the race late in the ballgame.  Bayh’s family is political royalty in Indiana, but Rep. Todd Young is a waging a strong campaign.  After previously leaving the Senate, Bayh abandoned Indiana and cashed in on his Washington, DC and Wall Street connections.  Congressman Young needs our support to make sure this rock-rib Republican state does not turn blue this November. The latest poll by Public Opinion Strategies shows that Young has closed the gap and is only down 4% at 40% with Bayh at 44%.

Louisiana Senate Race:
Endorsed Candidate: Rep. John Fleming

The Louisiana Senate race is less about electing a Republican and much more about electing the right Republican because Republicans are heavily favored to hold this seat.  This race features 24 candidates who will face off in a November jungle primary, with the top-two headed to a December run-off.  Of this pack, Congressman John Fleming stands head and shoulders above his peers. Fleming is a full-spectrum conservative who has taken on the Washington, DC establishment, held the rogue IRS accountable, and has been a champion for life, border security, and our Israeli allies. John Fleming needs our support so we don’t just elect a Republican, but a conservative to the U.S. Senate. Recent poll by JMC Analytics shows that Fleming currently has the momentum and is in a statistical dead heat for first! 

Pennsylvania Senate Race:
Endorsed Candidate: Sen. Pat Toomey

The Pennsylvania Senate race will be one of the tightest in the country.  Incumbent Senator Pat Toomey has been a strong voice for taxpayers and he will go toe-to-toe with former Clinton official Katie McGinty. McGinty is a radical environmentalist who worked side-by-side with Al Gore. If she becomes Pennsylvania’s next senator, the state’s manufacturing and energy industries will be crushed.  It’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen and that Senator Pat Toomey is re-elected to a second term. The poll numbers keep changing but the most recent poll by Mercyhurst College of Applied Politics showed Toomey up by 1% at 43% to McGinty's 42%. 

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Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum Endorses Andy Biggs​

“In the race to replace Congressman Salmon, there is one candidate that stands above the rest when it comes to defending faith and family values”

Gilbert – Today, Former Presidential candidate, and Former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Rick Santorum endorsed Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Senator Santorum, a prominent national leader in the movement to defend pro-life and pro-family issues, had this to say about Senator Andy Biggs:

“In the race to replace Congressman Salmon, there is one candidate that stands above the rest when it comes to defending faith and family values – that candidate is Andy Biggs,” Rick Santorum said. People of faith in the Fifth Congressional District can trust Andy to defend these values because he has a proven and consistent record of protecting life, promoting the sanctity of family, and defending religious freedom. As the liberals in Washington continue to wage an intense war on these important values in an attempt to completely turn the tide of society, we cannot allow ourselves to elect people to Congress whose positions on these issues are questionable at best. We must elect leaders who have proven they will stand for us and with us no matter the cost. In Arizona, Andy Biggs has demonstrated his unwavering courage in defense of life, family, and religious freedom, and I have complete faith that he will do the same in Congress. Join me and many other faith-based leaders in supporting Andy Biggs for Congress.”

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Donald Trump’s journey of change should comfort evangelicals


Why are evangelicals voting for Donald Trump?

A reporter asked me if, before concluding to support Donald Trump, I grappled with the same concerns expressed to him by a principled evangelical Christian woman. She worried about the moral example Donald Trump is setting for young people.

My response: Remind your born-again friend, that all through history, God has harnessed imperfect people to fulfill His perfect will. Saul of Tarsus spent most of his life killing people whose beliefs he rejected but then became the No. 1 salesman for the loving things Jesus wanted to see happen in our fallen world. Saul definitely would have won all the incentive trips to Hawaii.

King David sent Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, off to the front lines in hopes he would be killed so David could play cozy with the guy’s wife. David, an imperfect but powerful king, stated repeatedly that he loved God’s statutes and openly acknowledged his wrong when prophet Nathan confronted him. (Check out Psalm 51). David’s unwavering faith in God, from the time he was a shepherd boy, inspired him to establish Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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