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Rick Santorum returns to Patriot Voices as Chairman

VERONA, PA - Following his departure from the Presidential race, Rick Santorum announced today that he is returning to Patriot Voices as its Chairman.

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Why You Should Read “The First Hostage” by Joel C. Rosenberg

Review written by Patriot Voices Executive Director Nadine Maenza


I.always recommend starting this book on the weekend, because you won’t be able to put it down. It is riveting.

“The president of the United States . . . is missing.”


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ICYMI: Nadine Maenza Co-Authors Daily Signal Op-Ed “Why Won’t the Obama Administration Label the Massacre of Christians in Iraq, Syria Genocide?”

"ISIS’ intent was to bring about “conditions of life” intended to “destroy” the population—if not by killing them, then by making it impossible to remain in the region as Christians."

The Daily Signal
December 3, 2015

For more: Read the entire Op-Ed published in The Daily Signal 


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ICYMI: Nadine Maenza Authors National Review Op-Ed On Religious Minorities Victimized in Iraq.

On November 12, the very day the U.S. joined the military coalition Operation Free Sinjar against ISIS, Iraq enacted a law that will further victimize religious minorities, who have already endured horrific atrocities as the victims of ISIS genocide.

The National Card law’s Article 26 states: “Children shall follow the religion of a parent converted to Islam.” This applies to children if their mother marries a Muslim man or if either parent converts to Islam.

Leaders representing the Assyrian, Yezidi, Mandean, Kakai, and Bahai religions suggested this logical addition: “Minors will keep their current religion until the completion of 18 years of age; then they have the right to choose their religion.” These religious leaders walked out of Parliament in protest after Article 26 was passed without their change, 137 to 51.

For more: Read the entire Op-Ed published in The National Review 

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Patriot Voices Partners with Hardwired Global to Support Legislation that Holds Americans Accountable if they are Working with ISIS

Washington, DC – Patriot Voices is pleased to announce it is joining efforts with Hardwired Global in support of legislation being introduced today in the U.S. House by Representatives by Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Jackie Speier (D-CA) that would require the U.S. Attorney to investigate and prosecute Americans who are found to be involved with ISIS.

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