What would Jesus say?

In reading through the posted dreams, I hear common themes that seem similar to many right wing themes:

  • Return to original constitutional and conservative Christian values
  • More freedom from government
  • Defeat, convert, or eliminate liberals and non-Christians

I wonder what a modern day Jesus would say about such themes...
and how he would apply "Love your enemies".




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That is a fine question. Why, no doubt the “modern day” Jesus would say the same thing He said when He walked the earth – no more, no less. And, He said quite a bit. And some of those who listened to His Word intently, and admirably put His Word into practice, united to build our nation.
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“Love your enemies” means to want the best for them, not to agree with their thoughts and actions.
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Love your enemies by showing them the errors of liberalism and make Christians out of them
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