Life, love, light, and liberty

I dream of  a better understanding of life,
a better connection with our souls,
a better alignment with our soul purpose,
and with the soul of America.

I dream of a better understanding of love,
a better practice of love,
a better being of love,
and love with all life.

I dream of a better understanding of light,
a better connection to the light of God,
a better shining of the light within,
and the light within our enemies.

And I dream of liberty...liberty within,
liberty without,
and liberty for all.

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So I dream of laughter:
for self and others,
when we get too serious,
and REALLY need such laughter.
commented 2013-03-22 10:24:58 -0400 · Flag
And I dream of a way to edit the post…
to reformat the last paragraph…
and add a paragraph for laughter…
especially at our errors.
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