Another dream seed

I dream of bringing hated enemies together for peace and reconciliation
at our state capitol of Wisconsin (site of polarized protests in 2011)...
that is built on a sacred site of peace and reconciliation for Native Americans...
with 22 circular chambers to support gatherings without hierarchy.

Below are some tools I'm exploring:


Peace and Reconciliation Tools/Techniques
  1. Supportive space... in circle, energy prepped, intentions set, four element altar
  2. Co-facilitators... 3D lead and multi-D support
  3. Connect w higher self, Spirit, purpose, and each other... via drum, dance, chant, breath, fire, pipe, touch, gratitude, yoga, check-in, bibliomancy, oracle cards, etc.
  4. Weave techniques like NonViolent Communication, Heartmath, BePeace, and Iroquois Peacemaking with intuition and energy work
  5. Talking stick... with pauses and breath to fully hear and acknowledge before speaking (without fixing, advising, debating, analyzing)
  6. Perspective of the soul... e.g.  Newton, Myss, Reconnections
  7. Power of the infinite... e.g. Shared Mission/Vision/Values, Shared Dream, Love Without End, GoldenAgeofGaia, ShiftNetwork, Legend of the Peacemaker



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