Don Quixote

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I work with many people and groups…
as guided by God…
weaving many skills and practices

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I work with several local environmental groups…
learning, teaching, and stewarding.

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I hear many long for such features of the past (when the present feels too discouraging).

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“Success of he family unit?”

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Some such info re this nation’s founding is in

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Would God or Jesus embrace legislation as an answer to abortion? Might they suggest a better way?

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Freedom (and rights) without responsibility is chaos. I see many people justifying hurtful actions with the Bill of Rights (e.g. freedom of speech) without discernment and love. Motivation and morals cannot come from imposed laws and authorities… but from within (e.g. the heart and soul). More info in

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What do you mean by “natural law”?

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So I dream of laughter:
for self and others,
when we get too serious,
and REALLY need such laughter.

A better understanding of life, love, and light

I dream of  a better understanding of life,
a better connection with our souls,
a better alignment with our soul purpose,
and with the soul of America.

I dream of a better understanding of love,
a better practice of love,
a better being of love,
and love with all life.

I dream of better understanding of light,
a better connection to the light of God,
a better shining of the light within,
and the light within our enemies.


published What would Jesus say? in American Dream 2013-03-18 10:53:04 -0400

What would Jesus say?

In reading through the posted dreams, I hear common themes that seem similar to many right wing themes:

  • Return to original constitutional and conservative Christian values
  • More freedom from government
  • Defeat, convert, or eliminate liberals and non-Christians

I wonder what a modern day Jesus would say about such themes...
and how he would apply "Love your enemies".




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I’ve searched for and experimented with such community for many years…
finding that our technology advancements in communication and transportation have been both a blessing and curse to community…
adding many new forms of community (e.g. cyberspace)…
and infinite complexity.
I’ve needed more and more help from a higher power for guidance on how to navigate.
Wishing you well on this critical need.

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Another dream seed

I dream of bringing hated enemies together for peace and reconciliation
at our state capitol of Wisconsin (site of polarized protests in 2011)...
that is built on a sacred site of peace and reconciliation for Native Americans...
with 22 circular chambers to support gatherings without hierarchy.

Below are some tools I'm exploring:


Peace and Reconciliation Tools/Techniques
  1. Supportive space... in circle, energy prepped, intentions set, four element altar
  2. Co-facilitators... 3D lead and multi-D support
  3. Connect w higher self, Spirit, purpose, and each other... via drum, dance, chant, breath, fire, pipe, touch, gratitude, yoga, check-in, bibliomancy, oracle cards, etc.
  4. Weave techniques like NonViolent Communication, Heartmath, BePeace, and Iroquois Peacemaking with intuition and energy work
  5. Talking stick... with pauses and breath to fully hear and acknowledge before speaking (without fixing, advising, debating, analyzing)
  6. Perspective of the soul... e.g.  Newton, Myss, Reconnections
  7. Power of the infinite... e.g. Shared Mission/Vision/Values, Shared Dream, Love Without End, GoldenAgeofGaia, ShiftNetwork, Legend of the Peacemaker



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One dream seed

I've planted many dream seeds here in Madison WI (once known as America's Laboratory of Democracy)...
working with both left and right, secular and spiritual...
reaching for a higher power and purpose...
where ALL can grow...
at a soul level.

Here is one such seed:


I Have a Dream
for NEW independence
and INTER-dependence

I have a dream
that all God's children will awaken and arise
taking responsibility for their reality
and seeing all as valuable
when seen from a higher perspective.

I have a dream
that We The People of America's Laboratory of Democracy
will help birth a bold new experiment in democracy
empowering ALL the people
and honoring the divinity WITHIN the people

I have a dream
that judgment, blame, and attack
will transform to love, acceptance, and self-examination
seeing our problems as our greatest opportunities
and our enemies as our greatest dance partners

I have a dream
that intellectual arrogance will honor intuitive knowing-ness (and vice versa)
and left-brain dogma will honor whole-brain being (and vice versa)
seeing life's purpose from a higher perspective
and life's being as multi-dimensional mystery

I have a dream
that rugged independence will give way to elegant inter-dependence
transcending dependence and co-dependence
with both right and left wing finding value in their opponents' beliefs
and common values and needs beneath their thoughts, feelings, and dreams

I have a dream
that freedom can finally ring
for all people and all life
in synergy with universal law
and the soul within us all

May we be free at last
May we be free at last
Thank ALL within us
May we be free at last

published Without our dreams, we perish in American Dream 2013-03-15 21:49:48 -0400

Without our dreams, we perish

I have a dream
that We The People will rise above our rigid righteousness and judgments...
to walk the talk of our revered teachers and models...
like here, here, or here

It starts with deep inner work...
e.g. here, here, and here...
and concludes with higher perspectives...
e.g. here, here, and here.

I've spent 25 intense years on this work...
humbled by the task...
grieving deeply...
yet finding little else to give me hope and peace.

I do work on the outer as well...
honoring and respecting all beliefs...
even if I don't embrace them...
like here

"Without our dreams, we perish"