A significant threat to our liberty is Rick Santorum

Obama will win a second term not only because of his character and policies but in juxtaposition to the ugly, closed, and negative persona of Santorum. He clearly exposes an agenda so far from the country of freedom and liberty our founding fathers and mothers fought for. 

Signed - a former Republican

Chip Crawford - Pittsburgh Pa.

p.s, Why do you think he was fired by the citizens of Pennsylvania?  






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Yeah, I know what you mean, I enjoy a calm, cool headed debate, it’s when I get into debates with people, those on the right and left, who just put up a stone wall and don’t even try to listen to what you are saying. I look forward to having some good debates in the future haha
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You have a point. I would have made the same point if you used the words I did. I’m not so inclined toward classy but I do like a cogent presentation / debate. Headed out of the counrty for a couple of weeks. I may plug back in. Everyday the media attempts to blow up what the candidates say. Smoke on the water / fire in the sky………..
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That’s not at all what I am saying, if you re-read what I wrote, I am saying that you are more than welcome to post anything you want here, and I would be glad to read your opinions, however I am asking that you please keep it respectful, and classy. Meaning, do not insult Rick Santorum as you did in your post “ugly, closed, and negative persona of Santorum”. There is no need for name calling. You can disagree with Rick’s views, and others who utilize this website, just please be respectful and professional.
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So, there are certain Patriot Voices you care not to hear?

Hook, Line & Sinker
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You know what I mean william crawford, you’re trying to get people to argue with you by insulting Rick, and saying that his values to match those of the founding fathers. In my post, I used one example of how he does, but back to the bait part, yes, you are trying to bait us into an argument, if you would like to have a calm debate, then by all means please continue to voice your opinion. However if this is going to turn into your opportunity to argue with people and tell them they are wrong, then please, respectfully disagree with us, and do not post on this site. This is a place where everyone can voice their opinion, so long as it is in a calm, and collected manner.
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Bait? .
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Rick Santorum fights for freedom of religion, and believes that this nation should abide by Biblical teachings. The founding fathers believed this also. Here is a quote from George Washington “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible.” Here is another “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports” So in case you don’t understand what this means, he is saying that the only way to have a successful nation, you must have religion, which in turn gives a person morality. There are thousands, even tens of thousands of other examples of how the founding fathers founded this nation to be a Christian nation, however I will not list them all here, because I am sure you are only posting on this site to stir up trouble, However you will not receive what you are looking for, because the difference between those on the Right, and those on the Left, is when the Right has a problem with others, we talk it out, and if we protest we do it peacefully. We do NOT argue or shove laws down people’s throats to keep them quiet, and we do not block traffic lanes, attempt to blow up bridges, vandalize city and business property, or attack police officers. However you live in America, so you are certainly entitled to post whatever you want on this website, just know that the “bait” you are using, will not cause any person with right wing political ideologies to bite, and we will not entertain any kind of argument with you. God bless you, God bless America, and have a great day.
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Rick Santorum is a man who has a record of championing Biblical values that I hold dear. That is why I firmly supported him in the Republican primary and would be honored to be able to support him in the future if the opportunity arises.

The reason Pennsylvania citizens voted him out of office was because he dared champion Biblical values in Washington DC, and that is something that many people think that they cannot tolerate.
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