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commented 2013-11-11 17:15:35 -0500 · Flag
As a ex soldier of this country, I’m often overwhelmed when people thank me for my service. I never really know what to say. I’m no better than the next guy or gal.

To my fellow Brothers & Sisters in Arms, I’m proud to have served with you whether I know you it not, past present and future.

To everyone else, you’re welcome. Thank you for supporting my Brothers & Sisters and I. We ask for nothing in return save only that you honor, live by, and teach others about our founding documents, and the way of life they describe. That is why we served. So others could live freely, safely, and honorably according to the life and rights outlined in those documents.

We have forgotten, as a people, those core values. We allow our politicians to pay lip service tothose values, all while using the powers we gave them to erode those very same.

You want to honor our service? Each and every one of you need to do as we did, minus the weapons and death, and fight tooth and nail to hold Congress and the President responsible and accountable to We the People and the Constitution. Live your own lives according to the same. THAT is how you thank us.
commented 2013-11-11 17:13:22 -0500 · Flag
I could not serve in the military because I’m disabled from birth but I have a nephew who spent five years for an Iraq one in Afghanistan he’s back trying to support his family even being disabled I have supported the military is best that can and even the injured men come back I know the challenges they face I have faced some all my life sincerely yours Andrew Ellis
commented 2013-11-11 16:00:24 -0500 · Flag
My uncle served in WW!! and came home. Three of my brother-in-laws served but only two came home. Have seen this viedo many times on INSP.
commented 2013-11-11 15:10:22 -0500 · Flag
Brought a tear to my eye! It’s the way things should be!!!
commented 2013-11-11 14:57:36 -0500 · Flag
Many returning Vietnam veterans were spit on and dishonored upon their return to a world that had drastically changed since their deployment. Most were draftees doing the best they could.
This little video brings tears to my eyes.
commented 2013-11-11 13:54:55 -0500 · Flag
Thank you for this video! Very moving!
commented 2013-11-11 11:45:48 -0500 · Flag
My kids always say “thank you” to any service member they meet. Today, I want to send out a huge thank you to all of our veterans. Your courage, your sacrifice, and your service will never be forgotten. Thank you for blessing our country.
commented 2013-11-11 11:32:20 -0500 · Flag
Look around today and see if you can find a veteran to Thank.
commented 2013-11-11 11:25:54 -0500 · Flag
Wow! Beautiful reminder of the sacrifices made by all of our soldiers. Well done.
commented 2013-11-11 09:58:07 -0500 · Flag
Thank You Patriot Voices for remembering the forgotten, you all are awesome! Proud to be a member!!!!!!!!!!!