My American Dream

My American Dream is that everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnic group, and sexuality had the same rights to schools, jobs, getting married, and living their lives.  That anyone could practice any religion they wanted, but when someone tried to get their particular religious beliefs reflected in law, that the majority of citizens would deem that the abomination it truly is to our country's history and laws, and that someone would then be shouted down for their attempt to take freedom away from the rest of us in the name of their religion.  I also wish that schools could be more fully funded so that future members of the Tea Party could know that being a fascist, socialist, and communist are all separate and unique political views and calling someone all of them at once makes them look like idiots.  Also, hopefully the extra education will help them with all the grammatical and spelling errors I see on their signs (one can hope). 

I have many more things that I want to happen in my American Dream that I won't go into, but to make my dream happen, I have joined the ACLU, vote largely democratic, routinely destroy conservative arguments in person or on the internet, and work to keep conservative policies, which came close to destroying America during the previous president's term, from being enacted or work to get them repealed.

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