GOP Connection with Everyday Americans

I just read the Fiscal Times article about the GOP's failure to connect with traditional, everyday, mainstream conservative Americans.  The point is right on the mark.  I believe it is primarily due to a complete lack of aggressive strategic marketing.

True conservatives MUST consciously engage headlong in the battle of language, to negate the politically correct distortions that are so tactfully employed by the left and even many in the GOP establishment (GOPE).  We need to speak in the terms that average Americans are using among themselves.  While the GOPE's speak of helping "small businesses", we need to talk in terms of "America's employers", as in "Obamanomics: America's Employers on Hold Since 2009."  Average Americans don't care about fat-cat business owners, but they are very interested in their own employers' well-being, even though they are one and the same!

We cannot sit back and allow the left and GOPEs to broadbrush the term "immigration".  Obama recently said that "immigration makes America stronger."  Conservatives must be clear there is a distinct difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien - you are either one or the other - and illegal aliens weaken America.  We can make reforms to our immigration policies, but it will be centered around what is best for the average American, not those who are citizens of other countries, or corporate special interests.

Conservatives must build on Americans' current distaste of Obamacare.  But the core issue is not that it is a "trainwreck", the bungled rollout, or skyrocketing costs, or deterioration of services.  The problem with Obamacare is that it gives the federal government the right to author every rule for healthcare in America, and every citizen, doctor and hospital must obey or be penalized.  That is not America, and it is exactly what our Founders tried so desperately to prohibit.

In general, the conservative base of the GOP needs to mobilize a team of marketing specialists to identify the terms the left coins and proliferates through the media, then prepare truthful, Constitution-centric rebuttals to them, and aggressively and relentlessly splash them across the conservative political base over and over and over and over and over again.

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