Statement: Santorum urges Navy to maintain free exercise of religion in Chaplain Modder case

VERONA, PA - Former presidential candidate, U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to news that the U.S. Navy has accused Chaplain Wes Modder of "failing to show tolerance and respect" and an inability to "function in a diverse and pluralistic environment" in conducting his duties as a Chaplain.

Rick Santorum said: "Make no mistake about it, religious liberty in our country is under assault.  News of disciplinary action against Chaplain Modder should come as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to the systematic evolution toward Freedom of Worship from Freedom of Religion.  James Madison called for the free exercise of religion because only a free people can truly exercise a right.  No place should this right be more welcomed and encouraged than in our nation's military that is trusted with protecting those freedoms.  I urge the U.S. Navy to take the appropriate steps to ensure Chaplain Modder and the many men and women of all faiths like him have their God-given and constitutionally protected free exercise of religion embraced."

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