My American Dream is to move our society to service through Spirit & Sport (

Dear Patriot Friends and Senator Santorum,

The dream is to build a facility and do sports training while also using that facility for great interaction between youth and senior citizens and so much more. We will do a kickstarter project in April and we have a book in the Senator's hands (Inspirations From The Bench) that highlights our American Dream. We can make this happen and take out of the government's hands the control and ultimate demise of our senior citizens by their "Board" who decides which senior gets treatments etc and instead make our youth the interactors with seniors and drive community services to them so theey meet their needs and live out their lives in dignity and love. One of the first statements by the new Pope Francis was the need to look after our senior citizensand how youth interaction was so needed and important. We have the American Dream, please join with us to make it a Patriot's voice across America!

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