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commented on GOP needs to tell people we can help 2012-11-24 21:32:42 -0500 · Flag
Jeremiah: You couldn’t be more wrong … As a born again christian, you should know that we owe our very existance to God’s Providence and it is not our to even attempt what he has put into “Natural Law”. You say you have no desire for the Gov’t to impose on others, but then every time they pass a law they impose another degree of morality upon the general public … how is this different?! Also, Gay marriage is not a religious freedom issue, but a social one? As for extending tax benefits as heterosexual married couple and its affect on us … Marriage is a contract between a couple and society. Unfortunately, society gets nothing from Homosexual marriage! As for Sharia law being imposed on our country, look around, some of our courts are already considering it … Including the Supreme one?! Wake-up Christian before you find yourself in an Atheistic, Communistic Country … We’re already under attack and Gay marriage is one of a series of issues providing a front for a large direct assault to our very heart!

commented on TOM HOEFLING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016 2012-11-15 21:34:00 -0500 · Flag
Larry; John Mac is right on target … With Conservatives like you, we might as well give the country to the Libs?! I’ve met Rick personally on many occasions and, as a military officer with 25 yrs service and three combat tours, I can vouch for his impectable integrity and unwavering principles. If you want to know what Rick truly believes, read his book “It takes a Family … a Case for Conservatism”. It was a counter argument to Hillary Clinton and the whole “It takes a village” Democratic Party. God bless the USA!

commented on Israel Cut in Two 2012-10-19 00:24:18 -0400 · Flag
Unlike the current Administration, Sen Santorum and a Romney/Ryan Administration will always stand with Isreal and never ask a sovereign nation to simply give up what they’ve earned with their own blood?! God Bless the USA and Isreal.

commented on Catholisim 2012-10-18 18:20:19 -0400 · Flag
Joe; Your train of thought is not correct … Let me help you understanding The Catholic Church’s respect for religious freedom is not a “blank check of support” any Non-Christian organization. Plus, the Church does not have a political agenda … though they do engage in the political process, this is ISO the evangelising role given to them by Christ himself. As for references to “Catholic women” using birth-control … The Catholic Faith is a lifestyle, not a bumper sticker?! You must live the faith to rightfully call yourself a “Faithful Catholic”. Yes, there are many who claim to be catholic, simply because they went through the motions; i.e. Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, the Kennedys … But no True Practising Catholic would ever embrace the murder of our most vulnerable (The unborn) under the title of “Women’s right”. As for your statement of “women making decisions for women” … remember, it was Margaret Sanger who is credited with starting the Planned Parenthood movement?! Bottomline; the Catholic Church is not perfect and has never claimed to be, but I challenge you and anyone else to reference any organization or institution that is credited with making more good happen or being more right about the important issues then the Catholic Church? Here’s the answer, there is one for the past 2000 yrs! God Bless.

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In Business, No Budget … No Pay!

No Budget No Pay


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The “No Budget, No Pay Act” would require members of Congress to forgo pay for every day after October 1 that they don’t adopt a budget and pass all of its spending bills.  Once members approved a spending plan and appropriated the money, they would start receiving paychecks again but couldn’t collect any retroactive pay.  The premise is simple: don’t do your job and you don’t get paid.

Sounds logical enough. When you are in the private sector, if you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid or worse you get fired.  We should expect the same from our elected officials.

Remarkably, Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009. The United States faces its most serious financial crisis and Senate Democrats could not be bothered to write a budget because budgets force people to make choices.  This has to change.  

In the longer term, we need a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution so the federal government has to balance its budget like our states do.  And in the short term, we need a new law to start the process of fiscal reform today. The “No Budget, No Pay Act” is a good start.

Sign the petition below to support the “No Budget, No Pay Act.”  You can also obtain contact information for your Senator and Member of Congress.  Please call or email them and tell them to vote for the “No Budget, No Pay Act” (S. 1981 and H.R. 3643).  You can access a sample letter here that you can cut, paste, add your own personalization and then email to your Member of Congress and Senator.

Americans develop a budget within their household.  We should be able to rely on our lawmakers to do the same for our nation.  This is a core constitutional and job responsibility.