Barack Obama is a socialist, communist and Muslim and should be impreached.

I think Barack Obama wants to destroy our Freedom, and make us all dependent on the Government. That is not what our forefathers came to this country to do.  They came for religious freedom and complete freedom.  We must elect a strong Conservative in 2016, not a moderate like the Repubican Party wants to do.  I am retired and 70 years old and never though I would lose the country I love, but that is exactly what Barach Hussein Obama is doing, trying to destroy the United States of America. 

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I know what Barack Obama is because I have looked and several sources and books I have also read. He is exactly what I said he is and there is no question about it. Barack Obama does not want to cut the spending. He wants to spend us into bankruptcy and is doing just that. By the time he is out of office and Ben Bernake prints more money and weakens the dollar more, this country will be bankrupt.
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Obama pushes abortion on demand…HE IS FOR THE KILLING OF BABIES in what God intended to be the safest place…the MOMMIES WOMB… i would not trust anyone who promotes letting a baby “born alive” during an abortion die… cold hard fact… he is for KILLING ….he does not protect the lives of all children… We must elect Godly people who respect God’s laws… you can’t live the American Dream if you are killed before it starts… Steve R Pennsylvania…. Rick is a great defender of Life…Thank you Rick for helping us fight for the American Dream… Please start your 2016 campaign for President now… We need to hear your Patriot Voice… God Bless America!
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Obama is not a socialist, communist, muslim. . . stop the lies. . . More right wing rhetoric!
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You appeared to be confused. This president is not taking your country away, your conservative representatives in the Congress are, lead by Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Ryan. You are unfortunately believing their rhetoric of lies and untruths. Think for yourself, learn more, and turn off Fox News, the biggest brainwashing machine in the history of our country. This president has bput Jobs Bills out to be passed and your party wont even bring to a vote, that does ot sound like a president who wants everyone to be on hand outs, he wants everyone to have a job, but the republcans want you to blame the president for the hardship that they have created and are trying to keep us in; They want to sellout our country to the big corporations, President Obama is trying to fight for you, the people…and not defend the big billionaires who have greed in their heart. Stop listening to the lies!!
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