Share Bella's Story!

BellaGift_socANow_21.jpgThere has been an amazing response to the release of Bella’s GiftThe Santorum Family is grateful that Bella's story is impacting families across the country. 

One of the most important reasons that Rick and Karen wrote this book was to raise awareness in the medical community about children with Trisomy 18. They want everyone to know that not only can children like Bella survive, they can thrive!

To help with this important mission, Patriot Voices has launched an effort to reach medical professionals in communities across the country. And we're going to need your help!  

With these three steps, you can share Bella's story too! 

  1. Get a copy of Bella's Gift.
  2. Print this informative memo
  3. Share the book and memo with a doctor or nurse in your community. 

It's that easy to make a real difference!

If more medical professionals know the miraculous story of Bella, then perhaps they won’t be so quick to suggest that children like her are “incompatible with life.”

Thank you for your efforts to remind others of the value and dignity of every life. 



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Baby with Trisomy 18 to be born tomorrow: Read this mom’s story..
commented 2015-02-23 14:32:41 -0500 · Flag
Please read, and respond to this plea from Senator Rick Santorum and his family.