Can Patriot Voices please look at my Obamacare effort?

I got it past a Congressman and two of his staffers, then was blocked by his Washington, DC staffer (assuming the long delay indicates it is buried).  I sent its initial version to you when I joined this website.

I recently emailed one of the earlier staffers about how there should be a way for conservative suggestions not to be buried by Republican congressional staffers.

Does PV want to see my email asking that Republican congressional staffers not be allowed to bury conservative suggestions, and the final version of my effort against Obamacare?

As it stands, unless the delay does not signal refusal, a single Republican congressional staffer has decided Americans must give up their doctors (assuming  my buried proposal might stop that).  A single staffer should not have that power.

If prayer says post this, I will.

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The congressman’s staffer called me at 5:30 p.m. to tell me I as a common citizen have to implement my proposal for stopping Obamacare, not use the congressman since he needs consensus before he can stop it.
You have tremendous influence over this staffer. If you agree with my proposal for stopping Obamacare, you can easily convince her to let the Congressman stop it. I have zero influence over her. She will listen to you, if you agree with my way for stopping it. Please consider doing so since this just happened. She said I had to go find groups opposed to Obamacare and get them to use my proposal, rather than use the congressman. So I am obeying her by seeking your intervention.
If prayer says post this, I will.
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If Patriot Voices decides to consider my proposal for ending Washington DC staffers blocking conservative proposals, here is a line PV can use:
Republican DC staffers render dynamic Republican congressmen inept.
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