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The congressman’s staffer called me at 5:30 p.m. to tell me I as a common citizen have to implement my proposal for stopping Obamacare, not use the congressman since he needs consensus before he can stop it.
You have tremendous influence over this staffer. If you agree with my proposal for stopping Obamacare, you can easily convince her to let the Congressman stop it. I have zero influence over her. She will listen to you, if you agree with my way for stopping it. Please consider doing so since this just happened. She said I had to go find groups opposed to Obamacare and get them to use my proposal, rather than use the congressman. So I am obeying her by seeking your intervention.
If prayer says post this, I will.

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There are two things in play here.
First, the reason I am here is to try and get this organization to say the soldiers should not be ignored during War. For that I need help from people posting here. My initial, direct emails failed.
Second, whereas Americans are forbidden to support the soldiers in this War, they are allowed to maul the prior Administration over current NSA excesses. Since that is permitted, Americans flock to it. You cannot as an American help our soldiers during this War, but you can decry procedures used during it. The first is deemed to hurt the Democrat Party and so is barred by the Republican and Democrat leadership. The second does not hurt the Democrat Party, as long as the blame falls on the prior Administration.
My goal is to discourage enemy soldiers for the sake of the soldiers currently fighting. I have failed miserably. The measures enacted to prevent another 9-11 for the most part worked. It is the current Administration which employs them against political enemies. But you are not allowed to say that (I just did). You are allowed to attack the prior Administration and thousands do. Hopefully you conclude it is wrong during War to be pressured to ignore our soldiers, just because it is deemed to hurt the fortunes of the Democrat Party if you help the soldiers.

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Now I think I understand what happened. One of my posts drew a vicious, profane, sick set of responses from an individual, which did not appear here. I will now assume a safeguarding program emailed the responses to me but did not put them here. I appreciate that protection.
As to your key word being knocked out, please consider it a challenge. If other forum sites use a similar screening program, please develop a word in its place to use in this Forum. I don’t know if that is already being done. I just thought of it trying to respond here. Even if some are being used, have fun with it here. You likely can author a good one – a Forum-ready replacement for the word being barred. You can be like the screenwriters for Firefly and Battlestar Gallactica by inventing a corruption of a current word (the one you tried to use) which is close enough for people to know what you mean while your corrupted version is clean to use.

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I want to respond to your post and help you. I asked while reading it, what compels American politicians to fear pushing for full abolition like you advocate?
I believe the problem is this: even if a state legislature voted full abolition, it will be struck down by a federal judge.
As long as the lie that abortion is protected by the United States Constitution stands, federal judges will strike down anything they feel like regarding abortion.
So state legislators have been trying for years to get restrictions on abortion past the federal judges.
They have spent decades doing this.
I wish a pro-life group would try efforts to stop federal judges from inventing something is in the US Constitution, especially abortion. That I could definitely help.
There need not be a US Constitutional amendment saying abortion is not in the Constitution. It clearly is not mentioned there.
There need not be an overturning of Roe v. Wade and the cases citing it. The judges had no legal authority to decide Roe the way they did. They cited provisions in the US Constitution which do not exist.
Instead, there are easier ways to recognize federal judges have no right to rule on abortion.
Hopefully you can get someone in the pro-life movement to go this route, and allow people like me to help.

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Not only do pro-abort American leaders appear hypocritical when they ignore abortion while complaining about deaths of foreigners, they ignore another effect of abortion in America – anyone born since abortion became legal looks around knowing a large number of his generation were killed for being deemed burdensome. Young Americans know they escaped a death sentence to be born. That is a ferocious threat to live with. Their parents weighed whether lifestyle needs were more important than their lives.
Abortion advocates reinforce this threat by proclaiming their goal is that only wanted children live. What they mean is that only children deemed not too great a burden should live.
I cannot imagine what it is like for young Americans to gather in a room knowing that 10 or 20 more who should be there were killed off because they were deemed too burdensome to be born.

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I read the link. I also read the one post on your background and how it, almost lyrically, included the repeated sign of a specific church’s name. That sign is something to hold onto.

Thank you for urging us to fight, and to not just accede to what the government is doing under this Administration. Thank you for that courage.

I wish we had more days when the Administration stood challenged like it was before shutdown. We don’t have many days like that. You wrote powerfully about that one day. Isn’t it sad it took months for Senator Cruz and his few allies to gain the right to force that stand? We need more days when the world watches this Administration and its Senate forced to justify its demands for more power.

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Response 3 on Lee Bright
Wow. I came here to try and lobby for people to ask PV to do what I could not get the Lee Bright campaign to do. And you are his supporter.
If you could reach his people, please reach someone there I could not, and ask he do what I am asking PV to do.
I was going to post this here yesterday, but the kind, unbelievably efficient (I joked I wished I could hire her) person here enabled me to send my request directly to PV. Yet you bring up Lee Bright.
So I will put it here.
I have tried to get a Republican candidate asked to say the below since 2012. I tried to reach Mr. Santorum on his website, but the woman I tried to go through banished me from his website before I could formally ask. My price for first trying to chat before submitting my request.
Anyway, I sent requests like this to four South Carolina campaigns (if you count the gentleman who was supposed to run among the four) and all were ignored by the campaigns. I also failed with the supporters I found on their websites. I also failed with South Carolina talk shows. I also failed with Senator Scott’s campaign staff. No one on a South Carolina Republican campaign staff wants the soldiers helped. Yet I believe Lee Bright would if my request could get past his campaign staff. Below is what I sent, less the final paragraph.

As I sent to PV directly, the full line I need a prominent Republican to say is this: Americans who want to have a right to support the War, and the soldiers in it, besides by sending care packages.

Before posting this, I need to pray on posting this one, and over other two I just did. I assume the other two clear easily since they are innocuous. But this is the task I do which makes people hate me, rebuke me. shun me, etc. They demand our soldiers be ignored during this War. So I pray on these posts and on whether to put the bulk of my failed request to Lee Bright here … if I serve Him, I need to thank you for posting and opening this door. Exactly what I wanted to do my first visit here you enable me to do now. It is so much stronger a request because the kind first woman let me submit it directly to PV first.

Now this is cleared to post. I hope doing this does not get me kicked off this website. You and the first woman have been so kind to me so far. I like coming here. Anyway, below is my failed key request I joined here to offer:

September 2, 2013 3:58 p.m., 4:01 p.m.
re: Need candidate Bright to back soldiers
I reached the Mitt Romney campaign in South Carolina in early 2012. I asked Romney say a simple line acknowledging Americans who wanted to had a right to support our soldiers. The staffer I was sent to ignored me. Months later a national Romney staffer emailed me to recruit me for the Romney campaign since I had contacted the Romney website. I sent him my failed South Carolina plea. He acknowledged getting it. It was ignored.

I recently went to the Nancy Mace campaign and begged it contact Romney, and two other Iraq veterans who ran for Congress and Senate and lost after their campaigns turned me away. Her campaign ignores me. I finally wrote to Bill Connor last night since he is back from serving in the War. Recently I tried two very strong Lee Bright supporters who kindly responded but refused to ask him to back our soldiers. I recently tried the campaigns of two other veterans who are running for Congress and Senate. My pleas are ignored. Now I ask your campaign directly.

Since the 2005 campaigns declared the War wrong and something which should not have been fought, every Republican staffer I have gone to who is in charge of the Veterans and National Security issues rejects me or ignores me. They all take the position the soldiers must be abandoned in order to win elections since 2005. If a prominent candidate or legislator says that was wrong, all Americans will finally be allowed to help our soldiers win this War. I can hand you three 2012 candidates who lost after their staffs forbade them to say that – Romney and two Iraq war veterans. Surely one of them will now say they would have said my line if asked. Then Bright says it and wins the Senate.

Americans love our soldiers. They hate the fact enemy morale has been at stellar levels since the the 2005 Democrat campaigns declared the enemy deserved to win this “unjust and wrong” War. They want enemy morale to plummet. I just need one line said and it will. Please route me to someone in this campaign who will look at my attempts with three prominent 2012 candidates so that staffer can ask those candidates, including Romney, to say they would have backed our soldiers if asked. Then Bright wins easily, and Americans like me get to finally do our World War II home front efforts in this War. Our soldiers deserve every effort which knocks down enemy morale.

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Marty L – sorry for the abuse showing up here, which thankfully the Forum administrator removed. My post backing you disappeared with the two hates ones that showed up in our email.
That said, the profane concern was that advocacy phone calls challenging the President’s position should be stopped. I have no idea how to respond. But I did want to note here that since I began posting, oddly this is where the hate attacks came. Plus I wanted to assure Marty L I backed him, even though my post disappeared.

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So the article posits Republicans will lose the House because they tried a final step to stop Obamacare, which goal was the reason they swept the elections in 2010.
Many, many 2010 voters abandoned the Republicans in 2012 because the Presidential campaign told them to be silent. I was turned away over the soldiers.
They will be back in 2014.
Meanwhile, there will be Americans who lost their jobs in 2008 who have not worked, or worked beyond trivial part-time work, for six solid, heartbreaking years.
And there will be Twenty-Somethings who were enamored with the President and his Party while in dorm rooms, but who will despise the same from their parents’ homes.
What in the world are the nonworkers living on into five years, let alone into six years as of 2014? How are those poor people surviving?
Poll them.

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Two points I can offer in response.
First, the primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to prevent the need for a second American Revolution, by enabling one. The more Americans who have weapons, the easier it is for them to revolt if they need to revolt a second time against the government. It is meant to make would-be tyrants hesitate to take over America, like was done in Venezuela where a free nation became a dictatorship while the dictator’s armed followers mowed down opposing citizens.
Second, guns save Americans. I want concealed weapons everywhere. Then I am safe when the criminal comes in blazing. I cheer victims who put down criminals in the middle of a crime. Gun control advocates want innocent victims to die. Those supporting the second amendment want criminals to die before they can harm innocent victims.