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I am a Christian and an independent and I understand that we are in the most serious trouble this nation has ever been in. However the reason we are in this mess is because of the compromising of the church. Until 2 weeks ago Mr. Romney had my vote, but when he made it public that he was pro-abortion he lost that vote. That means I will not be voting for either candidate in the Presidential election. I believe it was Spurgeon who said; "when faced with chooing between the lesser of two evils, DON'T!" It is time for the republican party to have candidates who follow the republican platform.


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Hello Peter. Not exactly. I am not supporting him because I am a Christian and I stand on the values and principles of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a Christian I am not to be supportng sin and evil which Mitt Romney does support in Abortion. To vote for him would make me just as much a murderer as he is.
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Here it really boils down to our different convictions about Mitt Romney. I am supporting him because I believe we must not have another four years of Barack Obama in the White House. You are not supporting him because of his views on abortion in certain cases.

I got the impression Mike Farris was focusing more on just the mechanics of it; plus from what I’ve heard him say he is supporting Romney for much of the same reasons I am. However I do understand your position and you are right in your explanation of the Electoral College.

I understand the horrible nature of abortion. The taking of a human life is never justified – no matter how small and supposedly – emphasis on supposedly – “insignificant” anyone says that life is.

That is the reason I am supporting Mr. Romney – President Obama has time and time again openly come out for abortion. This is inexcusable and he must not have four more years to impose his radical unbiblical agenda on us.
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You have some basic flaws in your logic. You are starting with an assumption and then attempting to support it with pre-determined facts, this is flawed logic. In a search for Truth a person would start with a desire to accept facts reguardless of weather they supported or did not support your hypothesis. I am afraid you are so sure of your “Truth”, you fail to see the facts that may disprove your hypothesis.
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Hello Peter. While Mr. Farris statements are correct in the mechanics of how we elect a President his understanding of personal responsibility is greatly lacking. Just because a person does not murder someone themselves, but instead hires a hit man to carry out the murder does not mean they are not also a murderer and totally responsible. The same when voting for President. Mitt Romney like President Obama is pro abortion and everyone who votes for either one is guilty of their murderous ways. It is too bad that you cannot access audio and video files as you really need to understand abortion. You told me that you have parental controls on what you watch. I would ask you to ask your parents permission with them watching with you. It is a 3 minute video about the truth of abortion. http://www.abort73.com/videos/this_is_abortion/
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Thanks for the summary!

I came across a very interesting Facebook post by Mike Farris. In it he explained the technical side of voting on a presidential election. When you vote in an election for US Senator, for example, you are actually voting for that person. Because of the Electoral College, however, when you vote in a presidential election, you are actually choosing who will elect the next President. Therefore, you are really voting between parties. Mr. Farris concludes that most Bible-believing Christians would say that the Republican platform is pretty good, and the Democratic platform clearly supports evil (homosexual marriage and abortion, etc).
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Hello Peter. The links are messages about what it is really like once someone is saved and uses 1John 2:3, 4 as its back drop. I don’t know if you are aware of this but most people who think they are going to heaven are not. Mat 7. The message shows how to know and explains what needs to be done. I was saved later in life and tell people that since the day of my salvation, which has been about 30 years ago, there has not been a month, not a week, not a day, not an hour or even a minute that I am not aware of the presence of the Lord Jesus always directing me in everything I do or say. He is the first thing that comes to mind when I wake and the last thing before I go off to sleep and I am at times even aware of Him in my sleep. It is the same for every believer, but the sad thing is there are not that many real believers today. If you can access my web site you can look around at www.gerald285.com God bless.
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Very true. I almost interchangeably use right and duty/responsibility in regard to voting because I’ve talked and thought about it so much that I often improperly substitute one for the other. Thanks for the reminder.

About the video and audio links you posted – due to my family’s computer rules I cannot watch/listen to them, could you give me a brief summary? Thanks!
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Thank you Peter for your response. One thing. I am not exercising a right, but a responsibility. As a Christian My fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].
This is why we need the whole armor of God so we can live holy lives, not supporting evil, with hopes of overcome evil, but rather supporting righteousness when it is present and praying that God will overcome the evil when that is present
May I ask you to paste this link into your browser and listen?
God bless
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I think I understand where you are coming from better now. I fully respect your right to vote (or not vote) for anyone you choose.

I have met a lot of people who are not voting for Romney for the same or similar reasons. However I do not think it is worth handing the election to the current President without a fight.

I disagree that Romney’s statement makes him pro-abortion. While I do not agree with his position on this issue, he is against abortion in the vast majority of cases. If he is pro-life in most cases and says that abortion might be acceptable in just a very few cases, I would say it makes him pro-life.

Once again I fully respect your right to choose a candidate who lines up with your values. I am very sorry if the theory I posted below seemed like an attempt too make you and voters like you seem evil. My point was that a vote for anyone but Mitt Romney may contribute to Barack Obama being re-elected.
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Peter, No it is not.
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If Mitt Romney not getting your vote contributes to Barack Obama getting elected, is this not taking part in Obama’s evil?
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Evil is evil and to choose any kind of evil makes us part of that evil.
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Despite this, I still am for Mitt Romney. Why?

Because President Obama is probably the most pro-“choice” president that our nation has ever had. Mitt Romney will be far better.
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About three weeks ago Mitt Romney admitted he was pro abortion. He did not use those words as he still claims to be life which is false based on his view, but he spelled out the times he felt abortion was acceptable. Rape, incest, and if the womans life is in danger. That is pro abortion.
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Are you saying that he admitted that he was pro-abortion in the past or that he is pro-abortion now?
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Peter thank you for your thoughts. However to vote for one pro abortionist over another pro abortionist makes me take part in their sin. Mitt Romney just 3 weeks ago admitted he was pro abortion so I will not vote for him or the current President. It is time for those who claim to belong to Christ to stop with the compromise as they try and fix evil with evil.
I suggest that all watch this short video;
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Mr. Schumacher,

I believe that not voting for Romney is voting against the life of the unborn. I believe that not voting for Romney is voting against Biblical marriage.

This election is far too important to throw a vote away because of a statement like this. You have the right to vote (or not vote) for any candidate you choose, and I fully respect this right and would never support any law that would take this right away. However, as a Christian, I believe that we have a duty to support Biblical principles in the political arena.

I am not old enough to vote but I am extremely concerned about the eroding of Biblical principles in our nation. I was originally not a supporter of Mr. Romney, but when Rick Santorum dropped out, it was clear that Christians must unite around the man who will champion our values, and defeat the man that tirelessly works to defeat our values.

I am now an enthusiastic volunteer for Mitt Romney. I can’t vote, but I will give my time to support him and to make sure that the current president does not get another four years to ruin our nation, disregard the Constitution, and erode our values.
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Ms Brooks,
thank you for your thoughts. I do not believe that one can fix evil with evil. We are in this mess because the church has for too long decided to compromise on the principles of God and I will not be part of it.In this election evil will prevail, but I will not be part of what that evil is. Hopefully the church will confess her sin and turn from it before the next election and the Lord will raise up a righteous leader.
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I understand and completely feel where you are coming from. I feel that he has made it clear that he will uphold pro-life laws. By choosing not to vote you are placing power in the hands of those who openly support abortion up to and including partial birth abortion.
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