Santorum Responds To The Shutdown Of The Federal Government

VERONA, PA - Former presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement upon the President and Congress' inability to pass a continuing resolution and the subsequent shutdown of the federal government.

Rick Santorum said: "It didn't need to come to this.  Republicans in the House of Representatives have tried time and again to offer compromise after compromise to avert a government shutdown, but the only words President Obama and Majority Leader Reid seem to know is 'no.' The fact that Leader Reid did not even call the Senate back into session on Sunday, just 24 hours before this shutdown, is all the evidence the American people need to know who is working for them and who is only trying to advance a political agenda.  Tonight's events are truly sad, and I hope that sanity will finally prevail on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue."

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The polarization of our society is approaching a tipping point from which we may not be able to recover. The 1 answer to all of these issues and impasses is TERM LIMITS! That way the power and control do not reach uncontrollable limits and we can return to times of old where being a politician was a temporary opportunity to serve the people.