Santorum Responds to President Obama's Address to the Nation on Syria

Verona, PA - Former Republican Presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator and Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to President Obama's address to the nation on Syria:

"I am convinced now more than ever that the United States should not intervene in Syria. President Obama's foreign policy strategy has failed America and failed the world at a time when international leadership is so greatly needed.  As his 'friend on the right,' I believed the cause was 'clearly right,' but that was more than 18 months ago when I argued that the U.S. should provide arms and support to the rebels when they were predominantly pro- democracy rebels.  Drawing a red line and using military force for the use of chemical weapons in a vacuum, irrespective of the parties involved in the conflict, is not wise or in our national security interest.

"I am thankful that the president has taken a military response off the table while negotiations with the Russians take place.  It is clear the president doesn't want to use that option.  Let's hope that he finds a face-saving way of moving past this embarrassing mismanagement of American foreign policy," Santorum concluded

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