Santorum responds to misguided Iran nuclear framework agreement

VERONA, PA - Former Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to the nuclear framework agreement negotiated between the United States, its allies, and Iran.

Rick Santorum said: "Trust but verify is a common refrain in foreign policy, but when there is no trusting your negotiating partner, that adages can not be applied.  Sadly, that is the case when dealing with Iran.  Nuclear Framework Agreement Two negotiated by the Obama Administration is destined to fail, just as Framework One President Clinton negotiated with the North Koreans did nearly two decades ago."

"Framework Agreement Two is even worse for America and the world for one simple reason - Iran's motivation.  North Korea was a nation looking out for its own self-interest while Iran is a radical theocracy intent on bringing about the return of the 12th Imam through any means necessary, including the use of nuclear weapons.  President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been naïve at best, and negligent at worst in negotiating terms that will not be followed and will only put the world further behind the eight-ball in dealing with Iran," Santorum continued.

"I would urge the Senate to reassert its constitutionally granted prerogative and demand the final deal be ratified.  If this deal really is so good and there is nothing to hide, then President Obama should have no problem allowing his former colleagues debate and vote on a deal of such national importance," concluded Santorum.

Senator Santorum served on the Senate Armed Services Committee for 8 years where he worked to transform our nation's military from a Cold War fighting force to one prepared to deal with the asymmetric threats we face today.  Senator Santorum is also the author of the Iran Freedom and Support Act, which placed strict sanctions on Iran and authorized funding for Iranian pro-democracy movements.



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