Santorum responds to April jobs report


VERONA, PA - Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator, founder & Chairman of Patriot Voices, and author of a new book, "Blue Collar Conservatives," issued the following statement in response to the April Jobs Report.

“Before taking a victory lap on the April Jobs Report, we must realize the devil is in the details.  A gain of 288,000 jobs is positive, however 800,000 people have left the labor force. That represents real families that have lost hope that they can attain the American Dream. It seems beyond their reach.

With the participation rate dropping from 63.8 to 63.2 percent, we are now seeing the smallest workforce since 1978.

"In addition, worker pay has stagnated, with the average hourly earnings still at $24.31. We need to create an economic environment that encourages business owners to grow their business, hire more employees, and increase payroll.   That is the key to success for blue collar Americans working to provide for their families."


Rick Santorum talks about revitalizing our economy in his new book “Blue Collar Conservatives,” just released April 28, 2014. 

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The sad thing is $24 maybe the average but for some that is combining 2 wage earners. The service Industry jobs that have been created in this new economy just don’t even add up to the National Average. This is a real sad day.