Santorum: Republican Must "Live Their Values" and "Focus on Job Holders not just Job Creators"

Verona, PA - In case you missed it, former Republican presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum traveled to Iowa this past weekend calling on Republicans to "live their values" and accused "national leaders of focusing too much on 'job creators' while leaving behind working people and 'job holders' who share their views and values."

Santorum spoke at the Lyon County GOP dinner in Rock Rapids, IA, attended the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, and delivered remarks at the Iowa Family Leader Family Leadership Summit (video here).  The articles below recap Santorum's trip.

From the Des Moines Register:

"The future of the Republican Party and the nation itself depend on conservatives standing up for their values, Rick Santorum warned in his return to northwest Iowa on Thursday night.  Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania and 2012 presidential candidate, came back to this ardently conservative corner of the state as the featured speaker at a multi-county GOP fundraiser, captivating a crowd of more than 300 and then appearing live on CNN from the floor of the banquet hall...Santorum lamented a decline in Christian cultural influence and a rise in dependence on government. He implored Iowa's most die-hard Republicans to live their values and export them beyond the GOP fortress of their home counties.  In his speech, he was sharply critical of the Republican Party efforts in the race after he dropped out, accusing national leaders of focusing too much on 'job creators' while leaving behind working people and 'job holders' who share their views and values."

From NBC News:

"'We can't just celebrate the job creators, we have to celebrate the job holders and we have to have a message for them,' [Santorum] said.  'My challenge to the Republican Party is to take a page out of our book and start putting forth an agenda of ideas to raise up folks who want to vote for us. You saw from the last election, they don't want to vote for President Obama, but at least he went out and talked to them. At least he went out and spoke about them.  We didn't do that. We marginalized them.'"

From Politico:

"Former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum returned to Iowa for the first time since campaigning for Mitt Romney in the last presidential election and criticized the GOP for being 'tone deaf' and failing to reach working Americans during that campaign.  Speaking at a local Republican fundraiser, Santorum said the party was wrong to focus too strongly on 'job creators' and not enough on 'job holders'...'If all we do is focus on the job creators and not the job holders, we're talking to a very small group of people,' Santorum said."

From the Daily Beast:

"Rick Santorum was more popular than the butter cow.  At the Iowa State Fair on Friday, he received more attention than traditional draws like pork tenderloin on a stick or a bovine made entirely out of butter....Everywhere the former Pennsylvania senator went at the fair, he was greeted by elected officials, ordinary citizens and even the Oklahoma man who wrote his campaign song and just happened to be at the fair selling pots and pans. They all seemed over the moon to be in the presence of a man who was preaching culture war among the corn dog stands and carnival rides."

A number of other stories also highlight his trip:





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I am 100% certain that the GOP must listen to Rick Santorum. Americans from both parties just want a fair shake in life. The Democrats have fallen off the deep end and have no room for any negotiation. Progressive Republicans are trying hard to hijack the Republican Party. Conservatives are being slammed and hemmed up with the IRS and SBA and EPA strong arm tactics. Rick Santorum sees the need to broaden the base. He understands that there are a lot of everyday job holders that would lean into and embrace the Republican party so long as they quit marginalizing people that have to work for a living and have lost any opportunity of even creating a slice of the American Dream. The working Americans of this country have no voice and no where to plant their feet. Rick Santorum is giving those people a place in our Government. Patriot Voices is the voices of a classless America screaming for opportunity and justice. We want our constitution to work for us and with us. We don’t need nor want a Government so big you have to raise your hand and ask if you can use the bathroom. We have a situation where we need to bring the Government back to its place, serving the people, by the people and equal for all races…no more reverse discrimination. Its time to unite with a force to be reckon with someone who thinks we are really all equal. The Daily Beast even calls Rick Santorum a Tea Party Candidate before there ever even was such a phrase….. Wake up we have to beat Hillary she is just apart of the Progressive Liberal job killing agenda we have been living with under O~ no more!! Stand up!!