Santorum Motivates Conservatives at CPAC St. Louis to Engage in Politics and the Culture

Verona, PA - On Saturday, former U.S. Senator, former Republican presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum delivered a widely praised speech at CPAC St. Louis, the regional gathering of influential conservatives. 

Senator Santorum's speech, which can be viewed here, focused on why conservatives must engage in every medium - from politics to the culture to their communities - to change our country's future path.

Santorum said, in part:

And a lot of folks who have interviewed me here today and talked to me have said, you know, 'How is this that someone in politics moves into the movies?' And I said, 'Well, if liberal Hollywood actors and producers can get involved politics then conservative politicians can get involved in Hollywood...

The position for conservatives over the past 30 years, 40 years has been this - defense.  Trying to protect ourselves from this harmful stuff, from the violence and the sex and the values that we don't believe in.  So we protect our kids, we protect ourselves, we guard our eyes.  Here's the issue -we're the ones who have the truth.  Why are we playing defense? They're the ones who are telling the stories.  My point here today is we have to get better at telling stories...


I just say this to each and every one of you that we need to join together, not change who we are.  You've heard that a lot today.  I am going to reaffirm that today.  The Republican Party, the conservative movement, does not have to change to win.  We have to do a better job of convincing people that we understand, relate and care by sharing with them the truth through a medium in which they can understand it...

So, I ask you to join me.  I am fully engaged. I am all in.  I'm engaged in politics through my organization Patriot Voices.  We have a table out front, join us.  We're engaged in EchoLight Studios. We want to not only want to produce great content, distribute other people's great content and try to move the needle on this culture, but we need your help. Join us. And then go back into your communities and start fighting...

How much do you want it? How much are we willing to sacrifice our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor? Quit cursing the darkness that somehow America is slipping away.  Engage, join me, we can win.  God bless you.

Watch his entire CPAC St. Louis speech here

Here's how the press covered Senator Santorum's speech:

From the Associated Press: Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum says Republicans need to do a better job of caring, relating and communicating if they hope to win national elections.  Santorum spoke Saturday to hundreds of people gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban St. Louis.  He said Republicans have been trying to win by proving to people their policies are right with facts and figures. But he says Democrats have prevailed in national elections by telling people they understand, relate and care for them.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Santorum has recently become CEO of a film company that specializes in producing "faith based" popular movies. He implored the CPAC audience not to hide from popular culture, but make inroads in that culture with conservative ideas.  "This country is changing. It's because of the popular culture," said Santorum. "By and large it's folks who don't share our values, and they're having a huge impact on this country. ... We have to be better as conservatives at telling stories."

From the Independent Journal Review: ...the real star (and surprise star, in my opinion) was Senator Rick Santorum...I have enormous respect for the man but I've never been a huge fan of Santorum's. Although our views on faith and sprituality align I've never been comfortable with some of his notions of governing. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ex-Senator was actually the speaker with the most common-sense, culturally relevant ideas. Yes, you read that right. Santorum was the most culturally relevant...Rick Santorum might seem like an unlikely figure to be discussing the importance of pop culture but his point is directly in line with what I've been saying for a number of years now. Conservatives left the culture behind out of distaste for the content. However, in doing that we left if to the so-called "progressives" to be in charge of our entertainment...Santorum may not be the most culturally "hip" figure, but at CPAC he highlighted an important area that the GOP has long ago left behind - storytelling...Santorum is one of the few Republicans taking concrete action and putting his own capital behind an effort to influence the culture in significant ways. He is putting his money where his mouth is, something that the GOP and other conservatives need to start doing immediately.

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