Santorum Condemns New Obama Carbon Emission Proposal

VERONA, PA - Former presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement condemning the Obama Administration's new carbon emission proposal.

Rick Santorum said, "The regulations proposed by the Obama Administration's EPA to regulate carbon emissions of new coal-fired power plants is yet another attempt by this Administration to stop the expansion of good-paying manufacturing jobs for the sake of pacifying the radical environmental lobby.  These new regulations would put over 40,000 Pennsylvania jobs in jeopardy, and thousands more across the country at risk, that depend on the coal industry.

"By proposing regulations that are neither achievable nor effective, President Obama and his appointees at the EPA have chosen to put environmental politics above the energy security and economic prosperity of our nation's workforce.  This is a sad day for workers across the Rustbelt in particular, and for consumers of electricity across the nation.  The pocketbooks of average Americans, the same Americans this President has rhetorically called for equalizing the playing field in favor of, will pay the price of President Obama's shortsighted political chess moves.

"It is time this Administration finally recognizes the great energy resources available to us and the technological advantages we possess, and call for an all-of-the-above energy strategy.  The United States has the potential to be a self-sufficient energy nation because of great deposits of coal, natural gas, and oil found here.  American ingenuity, technological know-how, and entrepreneurial spirit have always seized the day, but it is up to this President to decide whether he wants to continue to support the fringe elements of his Party or stand with the American worker to make America energy independent," Santorum concluded.

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I don’t want to sound too flippant, but Good Luck with that one. We have a Congress who lets President Obama ‘Legislate’ from his Pulpit in the Executive Branch. Especially with Obamacare and ICE.
Americans are a lot wiser than folks give us credit for.
The Article is very good and concise, and well needed. However, most of us know articles are not what is going to change things. Time to act. Americans are getting involved locally all over the USA. But not quick enough Three decades of the Govt Agencies started in the 70’s,have over run our Country and we are going broke.