Santorum Comments on Hagel Confirmation Hearing

Verona, PA - Former Republican Presidential Candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to today's confirmation hearing of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense:

"Chuck Hagel's Defense Secretary confirmation hearing rhetoric does not match reality.  Based on his record, his confirmation would send a dangerous signal to Iran and other radical Islamic elements that would make our country and our allies less secure. Senator Hagel told the Senate Armed Services he has a 'goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,' yet he has a history of hinting to the Iranians that he would not use strength to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons.  During the hearing, Senator Hagel referred to Israel as our 'friend and ally,' yet his record is one of disrespect for our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel. Senator Hagel has repeatedly sought to distance the United States from Israel and refused to support efforts to end terrorist attacks on Israel.

"I am committed to stopping the confirmation of Senator Hagel as Secretary of Defense.  His foreign policy record, especially his pro-Iran, anti-Israel mindset, would set a dangerous precedent if he were to be nominated Defense Secretary."

Rick Santorum and Patriot Voices have taken the lead in mobilizing a grassroots effort to stop Senator Hagel's confirmation. In just the last few days, over 14,000 emails have been sent through Patriot Voice's site to senators from their constituents asking them to vote against the nomination. In addition, Patriot Voices is partnering with Bill Bennett's Morning in America, the Dennis Prager Show and the Michael Medved Show in continuing to build this grassroots movement. Patriot Voices has also placed ads on the Salem Network. 

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I heard you on Beck. I am wrestling with the notion of opposing hagel, especially if he is incompetent. I want b.o. to fail. He is always throwing it in our face that elections have consequences. Well, if he wants a dangerously incompetent cross-dressing (politically, metaphorically speaking) boob in his cabinet, let him have him. He is probably just puting him up for consideration so that if republicrats shoot him down, b.o, can use it to illustrate just how difficult and obstructionist republicrats are to work with.