Santorum Commends House for Passing HR 647 - ABLE Act


Verona, PA - Former presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement related to the passage of H.R. 647 - The ABLE Act.

Rick Santorum said, "I commend the House of Representatives for passing the ABLE Act (H.R. 647).  This legislation is unique because it creates a way for the disabled and their families to save and plan for the future.  In many cases, this could be the key to living independently as an adult.   Currently, many disabled individuals are discouraged from saving and growing any assets because it could mean they would lose other assistance.  The ABLE Act is an important step to remedy this inequity."

"The ABLE Act establishes tax-free savings accounts, similar to what the government did with 529 accounts for education.  The disabled or their family members can set up these accounts at any point in their lives to utilize when needed.  Through legislation like this, we can create a pathway for all individuals, regardless of ability, to have financial security. I urge the Senate to quickly take up this legislation and for President Obama to sign it into law so that more individuals with disabilities can share in the American dream," concluded Santorum.

Full text of the legislation HERE

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