Santorum Applauds House Passage of "No Budget, No Pay"

Verona, PA - Former Republican Presidential candidate and Patriot Voices chairman Rick Santorum applauded today's action by the House of Representatives passing the "No Budget, No Pay" Act (HR 325).  Senator Santorum, who advocated for passage of "No Budget, No Pay" during his presidential run, issued the following statement about the bill's passage:

"I commend the House of Representatives for passing 'No Budget, No Pay,' as a down-payment on structural reform.  This is a common sense reform that the American people support.  

"The President and Congress are on a spending spree with our grandchildren's credit cards, spending a trillion dollars a year more than we have. This fiscal insanity will further hurt the security and opportunity of every working family, the poor, and the elderly. It is time to stop.

"Raising the debt ceiling should be paid for with across the board cuts of non-defense related spending and sustainable entitlement reforms that reflect the reality that we are spending 40 percent more than we have.  This combined with Obamacare is currently killing jobs for working families and will soon shred our social safety net if responsible leaders in both parties do not step up.  

"Printing money is not a poverty alleviation plan.  Every family has to make these hard choices around the dinner table to ensure a better future; it's time for the President and Congress to do the same.  Both houses of Congress also need to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution prior to any additional fiscal deal.  Governors balance their budget in states because they are required to by law.  It's time for our Constitution to force the President and Congress to do the responsible thing as well," Santorum concluded.

Senator Santorum authored an op-ed in today's Hill newspaper entitled Washington suffers from fiscal insanity

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Yeah!!! Another victory for Patriot Voices!!! We are doing good! :)