Santorum and Patriot Voices PAC Launch "Blue Collar Conservatives" Game Plan

Verona, PA - During a conference call last night with state and chapter leaders from Patriot Voices, former Senator Rick Santorum announced a new initiative from Patriot Voices PAC encouraging Republican candidates to incorporate the messages from his book Blue Collar Conservatives into their campaigns.  

Patriot Voices members were asked to share the memo below along with a copy of Senator Santorum's book Blue Collar Conservatives to candidates they are supporting, and Patriot Voices PAC will also be providing this memo and a copy of the book to all endorsed candidates.

The memo encourages candidates to read Blue Collar Conservatives and incorporate the "blue collar conservative" message into their campaigns in order to get our economy back on track and make the American dream attainable for everyone again. 

The full text of the memo is below:


To:                     Republican candidates

From:                Rick Santorum

Re:                     Game Plan for 2014

Date:                  May 13, 2014

Once upon a time, Ronald Reagan was a Republican leader so charismatic he won over an entire segment of "Reagan Democrats." Today, the Republican Party can barely muster its own base. 

My book Blue Collar Conservatives provides a pro-growth, pro-worker game plan for Republicans to bounce back, regain popularity, and return to the party's original values: the solution rests on rediscovering blue collar conservatives.

I encourage you to read my book and incorporate the "blue collar conservative" message into your campaign. I believe these practical solutions will get our economy back on track and make the American dream attainable for everyone, again. 

Here's what I recommend so we can win back blue collar conservatives:

  • Make sure you are fighting for something and not just what you oppose.  Put forth substantive policy proposals and deliver a positive message.
  • Set up town hall meetings with families who are struggling - listen to them.  Understand why so many feel that neither political party speaks for them.  
  • Meet with employees from manufacturing companies to understand the challenges they face - ask them what real-world solutions are they looking for.
  • Consider this economic plan as a roadmap for what you would do to get our economy back on track:
    • Cut the corporate tax rate for domestic manufacturers from 35 percent to zero
    • Repatriate foreign income at a 5 percent tax rate rather than the current 35 percent to bring those revenues home to be invested in America
    • Increase the R&D Tax Credit from 14 percent to 20 percent and make it permanent
    • Reduce the regulatory burden that stifles innovation, starting with repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Dodd-Frank
    • Expand domestic energy exploration to lower costs for manufacturers and create high-paying manufacturing jobs. 
  • When talking about jobs or economics, remember to talk about the workers and not just business owners.  For too long, Republicans have been the party of the person at the top of the company, not the millions of workers who make companies run every day.  That needs to change.
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