Santorum and Patriot Voices PAC Endorse Paxton for Texas Attorney General

Verona, PA - Former Republican Presidential Candidate and Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum announced today the endorsement of State Senator Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General. Rick Santorum offered the following statement about the endorsement:

"I am pleased that Patriot Voices PAC is making this endorsement today. Ken Paxton has already shown he has what it takes to fight for the rights in our Constitution as Attorney General to make a difference for Texas and for our country. We need a proven fighter, like Ken Paxton, who will hold President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for their assault against the rights of states. 

"We need someone to follow Greg Abbott's footsteps who has the courage of his convictions and has a proven track record to stand up and fight when it is not popular. That is Ken Paxton. 

"As a State House Member and a State Senator, Ken Paxton has a record of standing up, not only to folks on the other side of the aisle, but even standing up to his own party when they wander off the conservative line. Patriot Voices PAC is pleased to stand up for this strong conservative, and we look forward to helping him become the next Attorney General in the State of Texas," Santorum concluded. 

Ken Paxton's campaign has released a video of Rick Santorum's endorsement HERE.


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