Santorum and Patriot Voices Launch "Made in the USA" Christmas Challenge

VERONA, PA - Former presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum today launched Patriot Voices' 2nd annual "Made in the USA" Christmas Challenge urging shoppers to buy goods and gifts made in the United States this holiday season and to shop at local small businesses across the country.

Rick Santorum said, "This Christmas season, millions of hard-working families are struggling to make ends meet.  If we hope to lift up all Americans, we must first support those families and the jobs they hold.  This means supporting American companies and American-made products at the check-out line.  While our effort may be small in the grand scheme of the holidays, everyone must do their part to making sure we support our family, friends, and neighbors."

The 2nd annual Patriot Voices "Made in the USA" Christmas Challenge will bring attention to the need to buy American-made goods and shop at local small businesses this holiday season.  Senator Santorum will encourage Patriot Voices members and Americans around the country to sign a pledge to shop locally and buy American made goods this Christmas.

To learn more about Patriot Voices' "Made in the USA" Christmas Challenge, please visit:

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