Sam Clovis: Candidate for U.S. Senate from Iowa

Clovis.jpg"I am proud to endorse my friend Sam Clovis for the United States Senate.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Sam during my run for president and was blessed by his support along the campaign trail.  I know what is in his heart and Sam is a true, full-spectrum conservative who believes in the greatness of American exceptionalism and the founding principles in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution."

"I have watched this race develop and was not going to get involved, but I feel compelled to more publicly voice my support for Sam because so-called conservative groups in Washington, D.C. have tried to anoint a candidate.  Unfortunately, these same groups either don't know the real record, or they are trying to mislead Iowa conservatives about who is the best conservative in this race.  Simply put, a voting record that supports tax increases and not showing up for the job the people entrusted you to do are not conservative principles."  

"I am fond of Iowa and have gotten to know many Iowans through the years. The one thing that all Iowans appreciate and expect from their politicians is the truth. And the truth is that Sam Clovis is a man of principle who will advance the cause of conservatism and be an outstanding U.S. Senator." 

~Senator Rick Santorum






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