veronica elling

commented on Santorum to Obama: Here's The Economic Plan You Asked For 2014-01-14 14:51:25 -0500 · Flag
yes I agree with RICK we need to get companys back in AMERICA and quit giving the reason to leave ,.like clion did . and just like we do here in sc we give them tax breaks . but the goverment make it better for companys to do bussiness in other country and that is not right . we have to highes taxes of any country . and that is sad . when our goverment pat othe countrys on the back and stabs AMERICAN COMPANYS in the back . and the AMERICAN PEOPLE and some just can not see that for some reason . all they see is that the goverment can do it all well no they can not it should be left up to us and we could get it done if they would just get our of the way