Rick Santorum Statement on Election Results in Egypt

Verona, PA - Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum issued the following statement regarding the election results in Egypt where Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, is the expected winner:

"President Obama and his Administration contributed to the pushing out of a key U.S. ally in Egypt and unfortunately accelerated elections prior to laying the foundation for meaningful democracy.   President Obama's confusion and ignorance over America's long-term interests in the world and the threat of Radical Islam has helped transform Egypt, who was a friend in a key region of the Middle East, into a center of leadership for Islamists.

"The United States and its leaders should fight against Radical Islam and violent jihadism; and instead stand for freedom of religion and conscience and for the equality of women. In Egypt, strong advocacy by the United States for meaningful democracy which protects the rights of minorities, including Copts, would have promoted our security and interests and the security of our ally Israel. Tragically, a great opportunity has been missed. We cannot afford four more years of naive and politically-correct foreign policy under President Obama."

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