Rick Santorum Joins Echolight Studios as CEO

Rick Santorum emailed Patriot Voices members tonight with the following message:  I am thrilled to share with you some exciting news that I just announced on Huckabee on Fox News Channel.  I am joining EchoLight Studios, a fast growing faith and family film production company, as their CEO.



I know what you are thinking.

Rick Santorum is getting into the movie business?

Let me tell you about it.  Many of you have heard me talk about that if we are going to make a positive impact on our country's cultural challenges, we have to do it by reaching the masses often through entertainment.  For too long, Hollywood has had a lock on influencing the youth of this country with a flawed message that goes against our values.  Now, we can change that.

EchoLight Studios has the resources and commitment to produce, finance and distribute faith-based and family friendly films. 

We know the power that movies have to impact our lives, and there is a big market out there that wants films that reaffirm the values most American families share.  EchoLight is a new door into that movie excellence and to more of it. This is a chance to support and cultivate filmmakers within the faith community to develop cinema for wider audiences.

This is a great opportunity to impact the entertainment industry, and I'm thrilled I get to work with EchoLight Studios to make it happen.  While this new venture gets off the ground, it will no doubt be busy and filled with exciting challenges.  I want to assure you that I will also be continuing my efforts with Patriot Voices to protect faith, family, freedom and opportunity and restore the American dream for all Americans.    



Rick Santorum

P.S. Learn more about EchoLight Studios at www.echolight.com.

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commented 2015-03-05 13:24:08 -0500 · Flag
Rick Santorum joins Echolight http://bit.ly/17VQtSL via @patriot_voices
commented 2013-06-23 07:55:24 -0400 · Flag
The only way to expand the republican party is by focusing on the young. It’s a great way to take out a littile the left view from hollywood. We are all very grateful for the great work from sen. santorum. thank you very much.
commented 2013-06-22 21:56:22 -0400 · Flag
This is great. America needs quality entertainment for youth and families. I look forward to seeing what comes of this.