Rick Santorum Endorses Dan Liljenquist for U.S. Senate in Utah

Verona, PA - In an email to members of his new organization Patriot Voices, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum announced his support of Dan Liljenquist for the U.S. Senate in Utah.

The email read, in part:

"Dan Liljenquist is the stronger conservative in this race. I've known Orrin Hatch for years and believe he is a very good man, but in a deeply conservative state like Utah, we must elect authentic conservatives. I believe Dan Liljenquist is that candidate.

"What also makes Dan such a strong candidate deserving of our support is his record of taking on the tough fights and delivering results. As a freshman state senator in Utah, on the issue of pension reform, he got legislation passed with bipartisan support. The following year, he would take on the pension system and save the program from bankrupting the state. It is that type of leader and reformer we need in the U.S. Senate!"

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