Rick Santorum Condemns President Obama's Abuse of Power on Immigration

Verona, PA - Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to President Barack Obama's actions today on immigration:

"Today, President Obama blatantly ignored our Constitution, the role of Congress in making laws, and the separation of powers. He showed us all that he believes he is above the Constitution and the law on healthcare, marriage, religious freedom and now immigration.

"President Obama's ideology, his inability to lead and build consensus, and his political self-interest guide his policies rather than the public interest.   The contribution of immigrants to our country is central to our success, but so is the Constitution and the rule of law.  We should honor both rather than undermining legal immigration and Constitutional principles such as separation of powers. 

"President Obama's actions today are part of a disturbing and arrogant pattern where he believes that his administration knows better than those who we elect to represent us in Congress.  And if he has the opportunity to govern for four more years, I strongly believe our country's future prosperity is at risk."

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