Rick Santorum Comments on Cancellation of Grosse Pointe South High School Speech

Verona, PA - Former Republican presidential candidate and Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum issued the following statement regarding the cancellation of his upcoming speech at Grosse Pointe South High School in Michigan: 

"It's a sad day when liberal educators are allowed to influence young minds - extending free speech rights only to those who share their liberal views.  I support traditional marriage; I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.  I'm not sure what the administrators in the Grosse Pointe Public School System are afraid of, but these students deserve the respect to form their own opinion on this important issue.

"Furthermore, anyone who has ever seen me speak knows I rarely use prepared text.  In the case of Grosse Pointe High School - I was never asked for a copy of a speech, nor did I send one.  This has nothing to do with the content of a speech, but rather the context of my convictions."

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commented 2013-04-11 21:05:20 -0400 · Flag
Rick — we both know exactly who and how you got outed from your senate seat. My advice: don’t ever utter the word “gay” again, every time you do your credibility and chances at elected office diminish. Why not focus on issues people can actually support you on?
commented 2013-04-11 13:48:40 -0400 · Flag
Good for you, Mr. Santorum, for saying simple truths. It was clever to see how the issue was cast as a civil rights issue, and the repercussions are alarming. In fact, traditional marriage is on the defensive. My daughter said this morning that in today’s society people pretend that anything goes, but inside they really don’t feel that way. I like that. And it needs more outside support from speakers like you. I bet the hall will be packed.
commented 2013-04-10 18:58:45 -0400 · Flag
When i do have children i won’t be in the finanicial situation for my wife or I to stay at home all day to homeschool like mr. Santorum. Personally i think people that are all about home schooling are often afraid their children may go out in the world and discover their parents viewpoints are bs. Same reason Mr. Santorum who has a vest level of higher education would preach that telling kids to go to college a form of snobbery.

And my beef would be that I live close to grosse pointe and pay michigan state taxes that go to public schools which I don’t feel should go to providing a location for Rick Santorum to make a speech that he is profiting on and push his 2016 presidential campaign.
commented 2013-04-10 18:14:48 -0400 · Flag
No child is forced to attend public schools. If you are so against open minded education you can always home school, like Mr. Santorum.
commented 2013-04-10 17:58:28 -0400 · Flag
Children are forced in public schools every day to learn slanted left leaning history lessons…. so what is the beef…
commented 2013-04-10 17:50:18 -0400 · Flag
Where has freedom been lost? Mr. Santorum has been on a national stage for two years giving his “traditional” viewpoints. He has the right to say whatever he wants, but it is a public school and don’t students who have opposing views or lifestyles have the right not to be forced to listen to Rick Santorum? That’s why the school has now flip flopped and allowed him to speak, but made it optional for students to attend. The student group that contacted him to speak also raised the $18,000 for his speaker fee, must be nice to make half of what the average American does in an hour of speaking.
commented 2013-04-10 17:25:55 -0400 · Flag
Bruce, the name is “Rick” Santorum, not Ricky. Show some respect and don’t be so snarky.
commented 2013-04-10 17:14:34 -0400 · Flag
Jane, SSM is not about “anything goes” — it is about a contract between two consenting adults, applied equally to everybody. Only fringe thinkers seem to think it will lead to man on dog or Mormon style polygamy or napkins marrying tea cups.
commented 2013-04-10 17:08:08 -0400 · Flag
Hey Ricky, now that the speech is on again, PLEASE make it about what you think about all day long, and no doubt is top of mind for high school teenagers: Gay sex, man on dog sex, and gay marraige. OR, is it just you?
commented 2013-04-10 17:02:02 -0400 · Flag
There is more than one philosophy on marriage “rights”. There is no reason why the traditional view cannot be defended if the “anything goes” view is presented. Morality issues demand debate of all sides. Freedom is lost when persons who hold Christian views cannot express them publicly. This is America. All people, including Christians, should have equal opportunity EVEN when you don’t agree with what is said.
commented 2013-04-10 15:39:44 -0400 · Flag
It is all about freedom and rights, well unless your gay and want to get married or don’t share the same religious beliefs as Rick Santorum. This is a public school not a platform for Rick Santorum to push his belief system or advance his presidential bid in 2016. Spare me from the it’s a sad day in America routine.
commented 2013-04-10 14:21:13 -0400 · Flag
This is true…
commented 2013-04-10 13:30:23 -0400 · Flag
Patricia, the majority of the citizens of Grosse Pointe may not be liberal, but most public school teachers are MEA (Michigan Education Association) members and follow their union leaders blindly. They do not put what’s best for the students first.
commented 2013-04-10 12:47:40 -0400 · Flag
Obviously Ricky doesn’t know anything about Grosse Pointe, because the majority are NOT liberals !
commented 2013-04-10 11:18:53 -0400 · Flag
A sad, sad day for our children and grandchildren. I weep for mine and yours. Becky
commented 2013-04-10 10:59:57 -0400 · Flag
Agreed Go Rick !
commented 2013-04-10 10:28:09 -0400 · Flag
Go Rick!!
commented 2013-04-10 09:16:53 -0400 · Flag
Note: This school also funds and sponsors an on-campus “Gay-Straight Alliance Club”. However, South refuses to support, sponsor, or professionally acknowledge the school’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. Nonsense.
commented 2013-04-10 09:06:05 -0400 · Flag
Very sad for noir children. I knows my kids at this school have opposing views regarding the def of marriage. Why not allow them to hear another opinion and why that opinion is held in order to either solidify or reconsider their own?? I am certain this is not the only issue that would have been addressed. If Nancy Pelosi knocked on the door what would the school day to her appearance?
commented 2013-04-10 08:04:21 -0400 · Flag
Sad Day in America when political postions of school personnel try to pin a God Fearing and Loving man as an enemy not to be listen to. We must force feed our children hate, we are forced to make our children in public schools take tests and listen to lessons that are history rewritten to slant to the lefts point of view and we have to take down our portraits of Jesus. Well wake up America this offended me. Where is my right? If I were a parent of a child at this school I would remove my student and commit to a homeschool education…
commented 2013-04-10 01:21:56 -0400 · Flag
Rick agrees with 59% of Michiganders who voted to ban gay marriage. How is that controversial? If anything the radical left wing educators are in the minority.
commented 2013-04-10 01:12:13 -0400 · Flag
The school curriculum in this country is amazing to me…we can dress the children in burkas, teach them sex ed in elementary school, but we can’t protect them, allow prayer, teach real American history, or allow a speaker in.

My question really is, how did he get invited in the first place and why was he “uninvited”. What are they trying to hide? How much indoctrination has already happened?
commented 2013-04-10 00:26:36 -0400 · Flag
Keep up the good fight Sen. Santorium. There are many citizens who agree with your convictions.
commented 2013-04-10 00:22:59 -0400 · Flag
Culture war is heating up… Stand Up America!
commented 2013-04-09 23:54:03 -0400 · Flag
Bruce, bigotry goes both ways
commented 2013-04-09 23:49:07 -0400 · Flag
Sorry ricky you WILL NOT be allowed to poison the minds of the youger generation with your bigotry.
commented 2013-04-09 23:33:08 -0400 · Flag
Tolerance of other views from the other side Liberal / Democrats is not tolerated . I see that A school has political views pushed by their leaders.
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