Rick and Karen Santorum co-author Bella's Gift releasing February 10, 2015

Verona, PA - Former U.S. Senator, former Presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum and his wife Karen have co-authored a book, Bella's Gift: How One Little Girl Transformed Our Family and Inspired a Nation (Thomas Nelson, February 10, 2015).  Their eldest daughter Elizabeth is a contributor to the book.  Learn more at www.bellasgiftbook.com.

Bella's Gift chronicles the life of Rick and Karen Santorum's youngest daughter and how her life touched not only their close knit family, but the whole nation.   Brought into the national spotlight during the 2012 presidential campaign, Bella became a topic of national news, but her whole story has not been told until now. Bella's Gift tells the touching, and sometimes painful story of how the Santorum family was transformed by Bella's life.  The book offers hope and guidance for parents of children with disabilities. 

Trisomy 18, the condition of having three number 18 chromosomes, is often viewed as a death sentence. But Rick and Karen Santorum were not satisfied with allowing their daughter to be "incompatible with life."  Instead, they relied on each other, their friends and family, some trusted physicians, and, most importantly, their faith to guide them through the challenges of caring for and raising a child with a life-threatening disability. And while Bella cannot talk and walk and function as their other six children do, she brings the greatest gift of all to the family-her pure and unconditional love.

Bella's Gift is a tribute to Bella's spirit, but it is also about the tenacity and vigor that the parents and advocates of children born with Trisomy 18, and other disabilities, must fight with in order to keep their children from becoming the victims of some segments of society that too often value "normality" and cost efficiency. It is the story of how a parent's love can change the bleak diagnosis from the medical world and create a new level of expectation of care.

This poignant story is the personal journey of a very public family, a family rooted in faith and a belief that God has a greater plan for Bella and children like her. Now nearing her seventh birthday, Bella serves as a joyful and improbable reminder to everyone who reads this book that love is a gift that changes the heart.

Bella's Gift: How One Little Girl Transformed Our Family and Inspired a Nation releases February 10, 2015.  Members of the media wishing to interview Rick, Karen and Elizabeth Santorum about the book should contact Karen Campbell at [email protected] or (616) 309-4390.

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