Rex Bridges

It is my dream to see spiritual revival in America, the next great awakening.  The decadence and immorality that currently plagues our country is not pleasing to God.  We have turned away from Him and, as a country as well as individually, need to confess and turn from our sin.  In repenting of our sin, we can begin to restore the godliness necessary to sustain ourselves as a country and a society. 

In her posting, Tricia Raymond spoke well of virtue.  How great it would be to live in a society where virtue compels us to live with high moral value; where right and good are generated from us internally rather than being legislated (poorly) externally.  Many good thoughts on virtue are presented and discussed in two books worth reading, Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas (the story of William Wilberforce), and A Free People's Suicide by Os Guiness.  Good reads, both.

Let us confess our sin, pray for the country, and accept/recommit ourselves to Jesus Christ as our Savior.

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