My America by M Harrington

My America is making sure that my country's values and the morals that I was raised with, are here and available for my grandchildren as they growup! My last grandchild is going to be born this year. I have 6 natural and three step grandchildren ranging from newborn to 15. Only 3 will not be in school and this is what concerns me most, that our school curriculum is changing so much, that my G'kids will not understand how hard it was on everyone that founded this country. That we cried, fought, bled, but ultimately created a wonderful country united under God and the principles He teaches. That respect, love and honor of family is first and formost in life. That we help those that cannot help themselves, but we all work hard to provide for ourselves and our families if we can.

I believe that this country has raised a nation of children who don't think they should have to work. They are given so much because that's what you always want to do is provide more for your children than you had, it's natural, but not always right ! The culture has begun to except failure as commonplace. Those culture norms that were not exceptable in my generation is now being forced upon my G'kids as apropriate. Bad behaior, indecency, those traits are promoted now.

I want my God brought back in the schools, my Pledge Of Allegience spoke at the beginning of class and church prayers are ok to speak over anyone who needs comfort. I'm saddened by the destruction progressives have forced on our younger generation, in the name of advancement. God forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Living on Hospice brings reality front and center! Things that seamed minor are now so important and the most important of all, is you leaving your family safe and secure.


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