Rand Paul is wrong

Below is a note that Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum sent to members today: 

I've been back from Israel for about a week, and have had the opportunity to reflect on the trip in light of the Radical Islamic offensive that is underway across the Middle East, from Gaza to Syria to Iraq.  

As I wrote in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"My colleagues and I witnessed the jihadist offensive firsthand. In the three days we were there, Hamas fired more than 300 rockets at Israeli cities, including Jerusalem. We heard the Code Red alerts go off. We experienced the adrenaline that comes with running to a bomb shelter."

"We met with Israeli Defense Force soldiers on the front lines near Gaza. We visited parents whose only son was kidnapped and murdered by these jihadists just weeks ago."

The challenges that Israel and our friends in the Middle East face are serious and grave. We share common values and face a common enemy, and we must stand with them. 

If we do not stop the jihadists in the Middle East, make no mistake, they are coming here to attack us.

That's why I was struck by Senator Rand Paul when he said this week in The Wall Street Journal that America should essentially ignore ISIS's offensive in Iraq and their slaughter of Muslims and Christians. He does not see the need to stop ISIS over there, even though ISIS leaders have vowed to fly their black flag over the White House.

Senator Paul is wrong, and his policies are wrong for America's security and prosperity. We cannot defend liberty at home by ignoring threats abroad.

This is not the time for neo-isolationism and reckless retreats. We need experienced leaders with sound judgment to protect our citizens, our economy and our allies.

Unfortunately, the President admits he has no strategy to deal with the threat of Radical Islam. But I have one. I have put forth several concrete policies - starting with crushing ISIS through air strikes, arming the Kurds, and standing faithfully with Israel.  I encourage you to read about them HERE.

Please also share these ideas with others and encourage them to join Patriot Voices. Together, let's make our voice for freedom, opportunity and a strong national defense heard in Washington and throughout the country.


Rick Santorum

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commented 2014-10-01 03:06:30 -0400 · Flag
Rand Paul is a libertarian like his father. We must halt this libertarian infiltration into the Republican Party. Social conservatism founded the Republican Party, and Lincoln’s party must remain socially conservative today.
commented 2014-09-25 13:48:52 -0400 · Flag
Brandon Brewer, your comments make me love Rick Santorum even more.
commented 2014-08-29 21:52:47 -0400 · Flag
I totally concur with you Lisa. Awesome post and the purest truth about the greatest danger facing our nation and the world in generations. Thank you, Senator Santorum for having the courage of your convictions to have brought this threat to light back in 2006 when everyone was telling you to shut up, and thank you for continuing to speak out on this and calling out those who are too naïve to understand it. Your wisdom, discernment, focus, foresight, and resolve are exactly what is needed to deal with this threat here and now. 2016 can’t get here soon enough. God bless you!
commented 2014-08-29 16:05:58 -0400 · Flag
I vote that this is the best post on Patriot Voices in at least many months.